“Let us be careful
because this rather enticing statement
that everybody should be able to see everything
could lead to chaos.”

“Speak to people in the medical profession,
and they will say the last thing they want
are people who may have illnesses reading this information,
marching into surgeries and asking things.”

Dr. John Jarvis
Former Managing Director of Wiley Europe
Testifying before the UK Parliament in 2004. (PDF page 25)



“Unlike Dr Jarvis, the possibility of better-informed patients
‘marching into surgeries and asking things’
does not fill us with horror.
We are convinced that it is better that the public
should be informed by peer-reviewed research
than by pressure groups or research as it is reported in the media.”

“It is not for either publishers or academics to decide who should, and who should
not, be allowed to read scientific journal articles. We are encouraged by the growing
interest in research findings shown by the public. It is in society’s interest that public
understanding of science should increase. Increased public access to research findings
should be encouraged by publishers, academics and Government alike.”

Response by the Committee in the
UK Parliament Report: Scientific Publications Free for All ? 2004
. (PDF page 25)

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