Yohann Bearzi

Yohann Bearzi

Senior R&D Engineer

Yohann Bearzi received a Master’s degree in image processing at CPE Lyon (France) engineering school and a Research Master’s degree in geometry processing and rendering at Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, both in 2015. He did a PhD in geometry processing in Lyon in 2019. During his PhD, he received two awards at Afig 2016 and Eurographics 2018 for his contributions in local geometry analysis on point sets.

Prior to working at Kitware, Yohann did one gap year doing an internship at SCI Institute in Utah, working in image processing.

At college, Yohann participated in several student activities. He competed, teaming up with Alexis Girault, an other Kitware employee, in an entrepreneurship competition in Lyon in 2013: Campus Création. They won the “short term feasibility” award. He also participated in the French cup of robotics in 2014, being in charge of the software part of the robot. More casually, as a trumpet player since his young age, he was playing in the brass band of CPE Lyon: “La cacophonie”, and took wine degustation classes (oenology) proposed by his school.

Aside from education, Yohann enjoys reading essays, playing board games, and snowboarding. His also enjoys playing jazz music with his trumpet when he has the occasion.