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Commercial Contract Templates

We offer flexible custom software development services on either a Time and Materials (T&M) or Firm Fixed Price (FFP) basis. Below, you will find information on each contract type along with our contract templates for review.


Time and Materials Contract Templates


Our T&M contract is our most flexible option that is suitable for a variety of services including software development, training, and support. We’ll work with you to develop a Statement of Work (SOW) that describes the scope of the work to be performed. This can be as simple as our Basic Support SOW that is used for support contracts. For targeted development efforts, we will create a customized SOW for your project. We will provide you with a cost estimate for the work (as part of the SOW), or if you have a target budget in mind, we can tailor the SOW to match your available funds. You will be billed monthly for the services performed in the previous month, or you may elect to pay the entire cost in advance.


Contract Options
Monthly Invoiced Contract Template


Rate Table (Exhibit A)
2021 Rate Table


Firm Fixed Price Contract Templates


When project requirements are well defined, it may be possible to instead use an FFP contract for the effort. Similar to our T&M process, we will work with you to develop an SOW, a firm price, and a payment schedule for the effort. For our FFP SOWs, the requirements must be known in advance and described in detail—T&M SOWs can be more vague in order to support research goals where the exact project requirements are not known up front. Note that we generally do not engage in FFP contracts for projects under $25,000, since a T&M contract will provide the best price for these smaller efforts.


FFP Contract Template


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Export Control Information

Kitware, Inc. is based in the United States of America and all products are developed in the U.S or via online collaboration in public forums and distributed from within the U.S.  As a result, U.S. export laws and regulations apply to Kitware’s product distribution and remain in force as products and technology are re-exported to different parties and places around the world.


Classification Matrix
The Kitware Product and Services Classification Matrix (“Matrix”) is a general listing of Kitware software products and services.  The matrix is to be used in conjunction with the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”) in order to assist  our customer’s in the export of Kitware products.  All classification information contained in the matrix is subject to change without notice.

The Matrix is not intended to replace the EAR and other U.S. Export laws, but is provided as an accommodation to our customers to be used in conjunction with said laws to assist in the export of Kitware products and services. The exporter is responsible for exporting Kitware products, in accordance with the requirements of the EAR and other U.S. Export laws. End-user, end-use and country of ultimate destination may affect export licensing requirements. All Export Control Classification Numbers (“ECCN”), HTS Numbers and License Authorization information are subject to change without notice. Modification in any way to a Kitware product voids the classification. It is your obligation as an exporter to verify such information and comply with the current applicable regulations.

Kitware makes no warranty or representation that the information contained on this site is accurate, current, or complete. It is your obligation as the exporter to comply with the current applicable requirements of United States export rules and regulations. Any use of such information by you is without recourse to Kitware and is at your own risk. Kitware is in no way responsible for any damages whether direct, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, suffered by you as a result of using or relying upon such information for any purpose.

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