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Research and Development

Kitware delivers more than just software. Innovation is the true product we bring to you. Leveraging our expertise in AI, machine learning, and scientific computing, we develop novel solutions for our government customers when no off-the-shelf option exists. We excel at transforming our powerful, cutting-edge research into practical applications, and we have experience creating robust solutions that last for decades. For 25 years, Kitware has been meeting the research and development needs of the federal government through contracts and grant-funded projects.

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We understand that finding the right team is essential. Collaboration is one of our core values, and we work hard to maintain strong relationships with many top universities, premier research labs, large contractors, and specialized small businesses across the country. As a prime contractor, we collaboratively engage subcontractors to ensure the project team is fully coordinated and has the necessary expertise to deliver a solution that exceeds expectations. As a subcontractor, we support primes without proprietary restrictions and bring to the table our ability to handle sensitive information and strong proposal writing skills.

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Custom Software Solutions

Kitware leverages our widely-adopted open source platforms and our unique open IP philosophy to deliver custom software and services across all technology readiness levels. When permitted, our solutions are delivered with unlimited rights to the government, facilitating current and future collaboration. We bring our experience with cross-platform software development, scalable solutions, large data management, parallel processing, and GPU acceleration to every project. Kitware is committed to your long-term success, providing solutions that are supported through ongoing improvements made by our open source communities or our own direct support.

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Data Solutions

High-quality labeled datasets are an essential part of training deep learning models; superior, more extensive training data results in more accurate algorithms. Kitware has developed innovative dataset design, collection, annotation, and curation processes. We regularly apply these processes to generate and annotate datasets that are unbiased, minimize annotator variance, and accurately represent the desired application. Kitware hosts many datasets on our web servers and offers flexible licensing options, giving you the freedom to decide whether they are closed, limited, or open.

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Kitware uses a powerful combination of advanced technical computing and state-of-the-art AI to deliver tailored software solutions. We offer a comprehensive list of expertise areas to agencies so we can help solve a variety of scientific challenges.

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