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When you join Kitware, you create customized software solutions that change the world, making it a better place. You utilize cutting-edge research methods, like deep learning and high-performance computing, to solve the world’s biggest challenges. You collaborate internally and externally to deliver innovation.

Become part of the team that is making an impact on the future.

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Kitware Today with CEO Lisa Avila

Learn what makes Kitware such a great place to work from Lisa Avila, CEO. She explains why Kitware is so unique and how being employee-centric has always been important from the very beginning.

Your Future Starts Here

Let Kitware invest in your career

Our company takes pride in carefully building diverse, brilliant, passionate teams. Here are the current career opportunities we are offering:

We aim to make your interview and onboarding process as smooth as possible. Check out these resources we’ve compiled for candidates. Tools to Get You Here

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Life at Kitware

Work doesn’t have to feel like work

Here’s what Kitwareans love about working at Kitware:

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Investment in your career

Learning, continuous growth, and self-improvement are inherent aspects of Kitware culture. That’s why we encourage employees to attend a conference or event each year to help them advance their careers. All funded by Kitware.

Icon - Empower

Empowering your passion

As researchers, we understand your unwavering desire to find solutions and share them with the world. Our employees regularly present papers and posters, and run workshops at leading industry conferences; we have published more than 1,000 papers; and we actively participate in developer communities every day.

Icon - Purpose

Work with purpose

Advancing our scientific understanding. Improving training for medical professionals. Keeping our military safe. These are some of the ways we are changing the world and making it a better place.

Icon - Collaboration

Collaboration and camaraderie

At the core of our culture you’ll find our amazing people. Whether you join one of our technical teams or non-technical teams, our emphasis is always on “team.” As a Kitwarean you might collaborate with world leaders in scientific research and software development, help organize a social event outside the office, or gather in our kitchen during our monthly wing day – no matter what, we enjoy working together and having fun while we do it.

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Owning a part of Kitware and its success

Kitware is proud to be a 100% employee-owned business. All of the company’s shares are held in an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) on behalf of Kitware employees. This demonstrates our commitment to an employee-centric culture and helps us retain flexibility and sustainability as an independent company. Not to mention, it allows employees to share in Kitware’s financial success.

Icon - Life Outside

Life outside the office

Kitware is located in five geographical areas that each offer unique and exciting activities. Whether you are looking to pursue an outdoor hobby, get immersed into cultural arts, or discover new family activities, our offices are central to some of the most interesting places on the planet.

Icon - Diversity

Diversity and inclusion

Great ideas come from everywhere. We welcome diverse knowledge, diverse cultures, and diverse experiences. Unique perspectives help us advance our understanding of the world. Learn about our new Open Door Scholarship to help advance career opportunities for aspiring computer scientists in the Black community.

Icon - Environment

An environment that fuels you

Working on our projects is challenging. Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be. That’s why we encourage Kitwareans to dress comfortably, and everyone receives an annual allowance for branded Land’s End logo wear. Our offices are outfitted with ergonomic equipment that includes standing desks, comfortable chairs, sometimes an exercise ball, and even a treadmill or two.

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Benefits and Beyond

Your work is rewarding and rewarded

When you work at Kitware, you are saving lives and improving the world. We think that deserves some above-average rewards. Our comprehensive compensation package goes beyond salary and standard benefits. Here are just a few of the things our employees love most about how we take care of them:

100% Employee Owned
100% Employee Owned

Through our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), Kitware is a 100% employee-owned company. This allows you to create your own long-term value in your own company.

Flexible Schedules
Flexible Schedules

We value work-life balance, which is why we give you the flexibility to adjust your schedule around our core business hours (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Generous PTO
Generous PTO

When you’re as passionate about your work as we are, you need time to rest and recharge. Not only do full-time employees get six weeks of paid time off per year, but we have also introduced a paid maternity / paternity leave and a flexible return-to-work program to help new parents balance work and family.

Benefits *

We offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurances with generous premium contributions by Kitware, as well as Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). We also have Life, Disability and AD&D Insurance.


We are always looking toward the future at Kitware. Employees are eligible to contribute to 401(k) after only six months, with a company matching that is immediately 100% vested.

Immigration and Visa Processing
Visa Processing

At no cost to you, Kitware provides an experienced immigration vendor to make the process of getting here and staying here easier.

Referral Bonus
Referral Bonus

Great minds think alike. We’re always looking to hire the best talent, and who better to help us than our own employees? You help us find the next Kitwarean, we reward you with a bonus.

Tuition Reimbursement
Tuition Reimbursement

We pay 80% of tuition, books, and fees as long as you get a B or better. Plus, we just launched our new Open Source Software Technology Program for eligible employees.

Computer Hardware Allowance
Hardware Allowance

Get your system of choice from approved vendors and the accessories you need to do your work. You can also use this allowance for professional memberships, such as SPIE or IEEE, to stay on top of the latest news, publications, etc.

Ready to become the next Kitwarean?

Kitware Makes a Difference in the World

Small company, big impact

We are a small company that has a big impact on the world. We advance science and technology to empower global innovation and solve the world’s challenges. We do this by developing innovative open source software platforms and integrating them into research, processes, and products.

Our Values

icon people surrounding Kitware K logo


Promote an inclusive and energized environment that emphasizes integrity and teamwork

Icon - Growth


Work passionately and creatively to grow personally, professionally, and together as a company

Icon Collaboration


Drive sustainable innovation through collaborative relationships with customers and open source communities

Icon - Open Science

Open Science

Champion algorithms and open source software platforms to accelerate the pace of reproducible research and product development

Icon - Impact


Advance scientific understanding for the betterment of humankind

Investing in Your Future

Kitware offers a career development program where you can gain valuable real-world experience as a full-time Kitware employee while earning a master’s degree. The best part? We’ll cover 100% of your tuition costs. Learn more about the features of our Open Source Technology Program.

Take Me There

Internships at Kitware

Become the Next Leader in Open Source Software

Albany Business Review. Internships in the Capital Region. Kitware Inc. 2023

Help solve cutting-edge problems. Assist in developing foundational research and technology. Learn how open source software development can have a positive impact on the world. Gain hands-on training and experience working with industry leaders in computer vision, medical computing, scientific computing, data and analytics, and software process. 

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from an internship with Kitware. Our competitive internship program is focused on tackling real-world problems. Our interns don’t get lost in a crowd – they have the opportunity to make a true impact and stand out. And right now we are seeking to find the next leaders in open source software research and development. 

Ready to join our team? We are looking for candidates who:

  • Are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Have some experience in object oriented programming (preferably using C++)
  • Have demonstrated software development experience, e.g. active GitHub account, successful school or co-op projects, or programming competitions
  • Have documented open source software contributions (preferred)

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* – “This link: leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.”

Great Place to Work Certified

Kitware is proud to be Great Place to Work-Certified™

This distinguished award is presented to companies who strive to provide the best work experience for their employees. This year, 98% of Kitware employees said the company is a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.