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We harness the power of deep learning and advanced technical computing to create innovative solutions for national security. AI, deep learning, and computer vision play an essential role in our defense software platforms. Our massive dataset annotation and information extraction capabilities make our tools dependable and effective. Our work includes developing automatic target recognition (ATR) capabilities from different platforms and data sources, threat and activity detection, and transforming aerial videos and images into Geospatial 3D models. Our object detection and tracking capabilities are world-class and can be applied to R&D projects all the way up to operational exploitation. We are also working to explain how AI and machine learning systems make decisions to establish trust for human-machine teaming, and exploring the ethical implications of using AI. 

Kitware also develops data analysis and visualization tools that are highly customizable and easy to use. These are scalable and can handle datasets of all sizes, from extremely large datasets that run on supercomputers to datasets that run on personal laptops. Our responsive viewer works in real-time and enables visualization on mobile and web platforms. As a result, users can interactively explore their data no matter where they are.

Working with Kitware

Kitware’s open source software tools are provided with unlimited rights to the government, allowing your current projects to benefit from advances made on previous projects without additional license fees or other restrictions. 

Our team has extensive experience working with government defense agencies, so we are well-versed in adhering to regulations and handling sensitive information. We also have experience collaborating with academic universities on government projects. Our defense capabilities are developed to address multiple domains (air, sea, land, and space) on manned and unmanned platforms, using various data sources, such as multispectral imaging (MSI), hyperspectral imaging (HSI), images, video, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and more.

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