We turn your ideas into products. We pride ourselves on our ability to perform critical research and actively apply it to your project. Kitware can create prototypes that seamlessly integrate with pre-existing user workflows or help your team establish new workflows. We can also help attract funding by rapidly adapting prototypes based on input from early adopters to ensure their continued success. Like all of our solutions, the prototypes we build are based on our comprehensive open source platforms which helps reduce the initial costs and time it takes to create the prototype.

Building Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

We can help test a concept or process as well as enhance your products through prototype development. From early stage R&D software to proof of concept applications, we can build new algorithms that are tailored to your needs. This includes prototype applications for securing venture capital, gathering feedback from early adopters, and conducting pre-clinical or first-in-human trials. 

Our team provides custom development based on Kitware’s open source platforms. We have the in-house expertise to help adapt our cutting edge open source capabilities and tailor them to customer-specific solutions for prototyping and demonstration. Building off of Kitware’s open source technologies gives you the ability to decide whether you want to keep your new solution proprietary or contribute it back to the open source community. You can benefit from future advancements without having to spend additional fees. Regardless of what you decide, Kitware does not hold intellectual property claims over your developed product. 

Kitware is proud of our ability to quickly develop prototypes thanks to flexible frameworks. We regularly provide proof of concept and/or prototype delivery focused on developing tools and algorithms to extract information from a variety of data. Our tools can be deployed on various hardware platforms including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and HPC systems. 

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