About Us

We are a software research, consulting, and development company. Our core areas of expertise are computer vision, data and analytics, high-performance computing and visualization, medical computing, and software process. Our customers range from startups to Fortune 500 companies and include government and academic laboratories worldwide. We have grown to over 150 employees, with offices in Clifton Park, NY; Carrboro, NC; Santa Fe, NM; and Lyon, France.

Since our founding in 1998, we have built our business on open-source software. We have built a strong reputation by partnering with leading organizations to create and support large, collaborative, and open communities that use and improve our open-source software platforms. When working with our customers, these platforms enable us to focus on innovation and deliver customized solutions cost effectively, without vendor lock-in, and with our customers maintaining full ownership and control of their products.

Our Mission

Advance the frontiers of human understanding and performance by developing innovative, open-source software platforms for scientific computing and integrating them into academic, government, and commercial products and processes

Our Values


Promote an inclusive and energized company that emphasizes integrity and teamwork


Work passionately and creatively to grow personally, professionally, and together as a company


Drive sustainable innovation through collaborative relationships with customers and open­-source communities

Open Science

Champion algorithms and open-source software platforms to accelerate the pace of reproducible research and product development


Advance scientific understanding for the betterment of mankind

Our Commitment to the Principles of Open Source

We believe that we can most effectively achieve our mission by being committed to the principles of open science. This commitment and its benefits are particularly well-exemplified by our collaborations and our open-source business model.

Collaborations with Academia, Government, and Industry

Our platforms have promoted and benefited from extensive collaborations with academia, government, and industry. We have facilitated these collaborations, in part, by distributing our platforms using open-source software licenses that are not encumbered with onerous intellectual property restrictions. These licenses encourage talented developers from around the world to scrutinize our platforms, develop innovative solutions using them, and contribute those solutions back to them. Rigorous test and review processes ensure that contributions to our platforms meet extremely high coding standards. These open licenses, world-wide collaborations, and high-quality contributions ensure that our platforms and their communities drive scientific inquiry and innovation as a matter of daily practice.

Open-Source Business Model

Open-source software naturally supports a service business model. This model helps our customers make effective use of the advanced algorithmic capabilities of our platforms, avoid vendor lock-in, and build their own solutions and internal expertise.

While we encourage open-source software, data sharing, and open-access publications whenever possible, we also respect the need for proprietary solutions due to competitive, privacy, security, and regulatory restrictions. We will work with any enterprise to integrate our open-source platforms into its products and processes, even if portions of the solution remain closed.

Our open-source business model has helped us create a dynamic, impactful, challenging, and meaningful corporate culture and make significant contributions to our customers and collaborators. These benefits are reflected in our mission and our values.

How We Defined Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values were formed by our team members. We asked all team members to submit responses to the following questions:

  • What is important to you, as a Kitware employee?
  • What should Kitware value in order to continue to succeed?

Their responses were used to draft our mission and values and to create the word cloud shown above. As with agile programming, numerous iterations of release, receive feedback, and revise were then conducted to hone their message and wording.