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Become an Expert in Open Source Software and Earn Your Master’s Degree with Kitware’s Open Source Software Technology Program (OSTP)

Kitware’s OSTP is a career development program that allows you to start gaining valuable real-world experience as a full-time Kitware employee while also earning your master’s degree. Available to new graduates with computer science or computer engineering degrees, candidates can begin their career working on challenging open source projects while also earning their master’s.

The best part? We’ll cover 100% of your tuition costs.

Program Features:

  • Three-year program includes compensation package (full-time salary and benefits), plus tuition costs fully covered by Kitware
  • Receive mentorship from top experts and build technical skills across many industries while rotating through different groups in the company
  • Gain valuable experience in open source processes, deep learning and AI platforms
  • Develop a deep understanding of what it takes to create and maintain powerful open source software platforms – from securing funding to building project leadership skills

“Overall, the OSTP is a great opportunity for developers looking to constantly expand their horizons while working for a great company. It’s a fantastic opportunity for new graduates to work on interesting open source projects while continuing their education for free. In addition, members will become part of the Kitware team, which is full of skilled, hardworking, and friendly people.” – Tom Osika

Who We Are Looking For:

  • Ambitious, talented, curious candidates hungry to learn and make an impact through innovative research and development projects
  • New graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science/computer engineering
  • Developers ready to become leaders in the world of open source AI and scientific computing

“At a little more than a year into the OSTP program, I have been exposed to more concepts, development principles, and myriad pieces of tech than the sum of my past experiences. Such exposure has allowed me to progress and mature immensely as a developer. Clarkson’s masters program has expanded significantly on my academic background with classes such as high performance computing, deep learning, and computer vision, all of which translate almost 1:1 to work actively being done at Kitware. This means my work at Clarkson improves my work at Kitware and vice versa.” – John Parent

Why Work for Kitware:

  • Using deep learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence, we find solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems for customers like the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Energy (DOE), and many Fortune 500 companies
  • We are leaders in the creation, development and deployment of global-reaching software tools and platforms such as CMakeITKVTKParaView,3D Slicer and KWIVER.
  • We have a diverse group of research areas including computer vision, scientific computing, medical computing, data and analytics, and software solutions
  • We team up with top research institutes like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard, to name a few
  • We offer competitive compensation and amazing perks, like flex schedule, generous PTO and endless opportunities to collaborate and have fun doing what you love

“I have always known I wanted a higher education than a bachelor’s, but was unsure about how to go about it while still developing a career path. The OSTP program was ideal for me, because it allows me to still support myself, build a career and connections at and outside of Kitware, and to get my graduate degree. Working at Kitware has been instrumental in building my knowledge of real world applications and software processes. More importantly than this, though, it has built my confidence tremendously.” – Lou Lawrence

Join the team that is making a positive impact on the world.

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