Custom Software Solutions Tailored to the Intelligence Community

Kitware harnesses the power of computer vision and deep learning to create innovative solutions for intelligence and national security. Funded by IARPA, DARPA and others, we develop cutting-edge algorithms based on open IP, where we use our open source platforms to create tailored solutions for your complex problem. This allows us to provide solutions to the government with unlimited rights that can either remain proprietary or be contributed back to the open source communities.

Extracting Critical Information From Data

The need to extract relevant information from massive amounts of data is critical to our national security. Kitware understands how burdensome this can be on the intelligence community. To help alleviate this challenge, we develop, test, evaluate, and transition robust AI tools and techniques to understand and extract actionable information.

Applying our Technology in Real-World Scenarios

We work from source (sensors) to solution (answers), successfully advancing technology development and operational use based on the capabilities you need. We develop our solutions to address air, sea, land, and space domains on both manned and unmanned platforms. We have expertise in various data sources and types, such as multispectral imaging (MSI), hyperspectral imaging (HSI), RGB and IR imagery, video, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), social media, and text (structured and unstructured data).

Kitware has the personnel and facilities to work with you at a variety of security levels. To learn more about our intelligence capabilities, request a meeting with our team of experts.

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We apply state-of-the-art AI and deep learning technology to our solutions and tailor them to meet your specific needs. Schedule a meeting with our computer vision experts so we can discuss your contract requirements and determine how Kitware can best help you.