A new Time Manager is landing in ParaView

ParaView interface with time manager configured with temporal and animation tracks

In ParaView, you can load a temporal dataset and navigate through its timesteps.

You can also create an animated scene where analysis and visualization parameters can change at each timestep. The features are more than useful to understand your data and communicate about your results!

And, as always in ParaView, we want you to have a fine control of what happens through a dedicated interface.
The time controls used to be split into the Animation View and the Time Inspector. As both of them had a similar interface and some redundancy, we recently removed them in favor of the brand new Time Manager panel. This will be available in the next 5.12 release, and already testable in the nightly builds.

Example of nice ParaView animation from the SciViz contest winning video at SuperComputing

Inspect times

The tracks are organized into two sections. The first one, labeled with the “Time” title, displays information about time-varying data present in the pipeline. Each row matches one temporal pipeline source, and its associated timesteps.

Time Manager panel with  temporal sources

Use it to navigate in complex temporal pipelines!

Animate properties and camera

In the second part come the animation tracks, labeled with the “Animations” title. Create animation tracks to interpolate visualization pipeline properties for each timestep. Increase the number of frames to get something smoother.

Time Manager panel with animation tracks.

You can also configure a camera path around your data!


For more information, see the documentation on the ParaView user guide.

You may also discover the ParaView animation tool with the webinar Animate your dataset (using the old interface, but same features).

Need inspiration? Have a look at some nice examples of animations exported from ParaView at Supercomputing 22 SciViz contest.


This work was developed by Kitware Europe and funded by CEA, DAM, DIF, F-91297 Arpajon, France


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