ActiViz 9.1 release with new support for Mac and Linux

March 11, 2022

Kitware is pleased to announce release of ActiViz 9.1. While benefiting from all the features of the latest VTK release, this version focuses on building platform-specific packages which can be run on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

ActiViz now takes full advantage of the improvements that have been made over the past years to make .NET cross-platform compatible. The main changes included in this release are highlighted below.

  • Build applications with advanced GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Fast prototyping in console applications
  • Shorter release cycle


ActiViz is a .NET library for 3D visualization and data processing. It exposes the API of the C++ Visualization Toolkit (VTK), to be used in C# or VB.

ActiViz interfaces with many existing applications and frameworks written in C#, including WindowsForm, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), or the Unity software. This enables a seamless and fast integration of advanced algorithm and rendering techniques in various environments.

Cross-platform applications with advanced GUI

ActiViz extensively uses VTK’s capabilities to render in a shared OpenGL context managed by a third-party application. This makes integration in external UI frameworks easy, and allows for building advanced applications that provide a wide range of functionalities controlled by customizable graphical elements.

ActiViz 9.1 ships an additional NuGet package with a dependency to the Avalonia UI framework. This package provides a control for developers to embed a VTK window in an Avalonia application. This brings highly-configurable controls and VTK advanced functionalities together in a single solution that can run on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Avalonia uses XAML files to describe the application window layout, which makes things easy for developers who already use ActiViz in a WPF application.

Avalonia application with Activiz RenderWindowControl. (Models courtesy SDC and T-FLEX CAD ST)

Fast prototyping

ActiViz allows developers to quickly set up console application which can be run on different Operating System. Prototyping and data inspection is faster thanks to .NET CLI which eases project setup and inclusion of external dependencies.

Using the Kitware.VTK NuGet package and examples provided with the ActiViz Release, a cross-platform console application can be run in a single command.

ActiViz running with .NET CLI on Ubuntu 20.04

Shorter release cycle

ActiViz 9.1 directly relies on the VTK nightly build version in its versioning system. This allows for on-demand releases shipping the latest features integrated in VTK, while ensuring version numbers to grow according to the VTK nightly date stamp.

Visit the ActiViz website to learn more about ActiViz and download the new version.

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