We’re pleased to announce the completion of the repository conversion. The CVS repositories have been permanently frozen (an extra commit will be added to them to help direct folks that try them at the new repos).

Development of VTK, ParaView, IceT, and Xdmf is now officially hosted by Git.  All repositories may be browsed online via gitweb:


The individual gitweb pages show the repository URLs.
The git clone/fetch URLs for the repositories are:


Replace “git://” with “http://” to get http protocol access.

The Wiki pages have been updated to refer to the official repositories.


Additional documentation about branches, submodules, workflow, update hooks (previously known as commit checks in CVS) will be added in the coming weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The official histories now published at the above URLs are *incompatible* with all previous Git repositories for these projects.  You *must* do a *fresh* clone from scratch.  Please do not try to pull into an existing clone that was created from the CVS->Git tracking repositories or any experimental repository previously published (even at the above URLs from any date before 2010-04-19).

In order to reduce confusion we’ve deleted the Github and Gitorious repositories that previously published the CVS->Git tracking repos.

Furthermore, the new repositories will not yet accept merge commits. Please rebase your work on master before pushing to them.  We will switch to a branchy workflow once things have settled.

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