Another VTK hackathon

July 7, 2016

Yesterday, we had a great VTK hackathon.

VTK hackathon

It was a great turnout. See below for a full list of attendees. This time, our focus was on cleaning up the issue tracker – for maintenance as well as in anticipation of a move to the Gitlab tracker. As of today, 55 bugs have been closed! There are also merge requests for a few more. In addition, we worked on resolving merge requests. 31 merged or closed! Not bad. We plan on holding these hackathon monthly going forward.


* Utkarsh Ayachit
* Ben Boeckel
* Shawn Walden
* Dave DeMarle
* Andy Bauer
* Chuck Atkins
* Rob Maynard
* Marcus Hanwell
* Dan Lipsa
* Seb Jourdain
* Alvaro Sanchez
* Berk Geveci
* Will Schroeder
* Dave Thompson
* Cory Quammen
* Tim Thirion
* David Gobbi
* Betsy McPhail
* Sujin Philip
* Sean McBride

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