CMake 2.8.10 available for download

October 31, 2012

On behalf of myself, Ken, Bill, Brad, Alex, Eike, Steve, Eric, Zach, Ben and the rest of the CMake team from all around the world, we are pleased to announce that CMake 2.8.10 is now available for download at:;O=D

It is also available from the usual download links found on the CMake web site:

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • file(DOWNLOAD now handles “https” URLs — the pre-built binaries available from Kitware link to OpenSSL
  • support for the latest available versions of Visual Studio (11 / 2012) and Xcode (4.3, 4.4, 4.5, developer previews)
  • uniform compiler “id” and version number variables available for nearly all known compilers and platforms
  • new way to arrange exported targets that depend on other targets into “export sets”
  • new generator expressions
  • generator expressions available in more contexts, namely in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES and COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target properties
  • new target properties for PDB_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY and PDB_NAME, implemented for Visual Studio 7 and up
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

The bug tracker change log page for this version is at:

Following is the complete list of changes in this release, including changes introduced in every release candidate. Please upgrade to this latest and greatest version of CMake for building your projects.





Changes in CMake 2.8.10 (since 2.8.10-rc3)

Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc3 (since 2.8.10-rc2)
Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: add testcase
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: fix for release and debug libs being the same

Stephen Kelly (5):
      BasicConfigVersion: Make docs refer to the macro, not the module name
      Document LOCATION undefined behavior with use of LINKER_LANGUAGE.
      GenEx: Add an accessor for imported targets in a makefile.
      GenEx: Create cmGeneratorTargets for imported targets.
      GexEx: Validate Target names and property names differently.

Thomas Arcila (1):
      SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix foreach(x IN LISTS ...) syntax

Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc2 (since 2.8.10-rc1)
Alex Neundorf (2):
      Automoc: fix #13572: issue with symbolic links

Brad King (4):
      cmCTestSVN: Fix compilation with Sun CC 5.1
      if: Document that plain 'NOTFOUND' is a false constant
      string: Clarify regex documentation of '-' behavior
      FortranCInterface: Pass all flags to VERIFY project (#13579)

David Cole (1):
      NSIS: Fix incorrect uninstall registry key name (#13578)

Eric NOULARD (3):
      CPACK_XX_ON_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_DESTINATION is now properly checked for ON/OFF
      Make CPACK_SET_DESTDIR work with archive generator + component-based packaging

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):
      CTest: Ensure CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS behaves nicely in Superbuild setup

Pere Nubiola i Radigales (1):
      Find PostgreSQL headers on Debian

Peter Kümmel (4):
      Ninja: also set OBJECT_DIR when compiling
      Ninja: don't pollute current dir when using gui (#13495)
      Ninja: implicit dependency for custom command files
      Fix regression: write compile definitions if any

Philip Lowman (4):
      FindGTK2: Rollback lib64 changes which broke header file finding
      FindGTK2: #12049 fix detection of header files on multiarch systems
      FindGTK2: #12596 Missing paths for FindGTK2 on NetBSD
      FindGTK2: Update local changelog

Rolf Eike Beer (6):
      CTest: fix usage of memory checker with spaces in path
      CTest: fix pre and post test commands with spaces
      CTest: add tests that simulate memcheck runs
      CTest: improve memory checker type detection
      CTest: add a test for CTEST_CUSTOM_MEMCHECK_IGNORE
      CTest: add a check with a quoted memory checker

Stephen Kelly (18):
      GenEx: It is not an error to specify an empty parameter
      GenEx: Return after error reported.
      GenEx: Report actual target name not found, not "0" each time.
      GenEx: Parse comma after colon tokens specially
      GenEx: Validate target and property names.
      GenEx: Ensure that the empty CONFIGURATION can be used conditionally.
      GenEx: Add test for $ with empty parameter.
      GenEx: Add tests for "0" and "1" expressions with literal commas.
      GenEx: Don't use std::vector::at(int).
      Attempt to fix the compile of cmake on Sun CC.
      GenEx: Parse colon after arguments separator colon specially.
      GenEx: Test the use of generator expressions to generate lists.
      GenEx: Fix termination bugs in generator expression parser.
      GenEx: Break if there are no more commas in the container
      GenEx: Add some more asserts to verify code-sanity.
      GenEx: Replace some failing tests with Borland and NMake makefiles.
      GenEx: Fix reporting about not-found include directories and libraries.
      Fix config-specific INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES in multi-config generators

Changes in CMake 2.8.10-rc1 (since 2.8.9)
Scripted Changes (3):
      Remove trailing whitespace from most CMake and C/C++ code
      Convert CMake-language commands to lower case
      Remove CMake-language block-end command arguments

Alex Neundorf (27):
      Eclipse: add support for the 4.2 Juno release (#13367)
      Eclipse: improve (fix ?) version detection on OSX
      Eclipse: fix #13358: don't create bad linked resources
      Eclipse: fix #13358: don't create bad linked resources
      remove non-working KDE4 test
      Eclipse on OSX: fix handling of framework include dirs (#13464)
      Eclipse on OSX: improve handling of framework include dirs (#13367)
      -fix line length
      fix #13474: also rescan dependencies if the depender does not exist
      -fix line length
      -fix Java dependency scanning, broken in previous commit
      error out if CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS is TRUE but RULE_LAUNCH_* are not set
      fix #13494: rerun automoc also if include dirs or moc options change
      CMakeDetermineFortranCompiler: add support for cross-compiling (#13379)
      Automoc: fix #13493, use target properties for include dirs
      Automoc: do not use DEFINITIONS, but only COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
      Automoc: also the makefile-COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
      cmGlobalGenerator.h: some minor coding style fixes
      Modules/readme.txt: fix typo
      find_package: add support for a _NOT_FOUND_MESSAGE variable
      exports: store pointers to all installations of each export set
      exports: accept a missing target if it is exported exactly once
      exports: first try at error handling if a target is missing
      exports: fix build with MSVC6
      exports: move the handling of missing targets into subclasses
      exports: define a CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NAME var set by find_package()
      exports: add a test for exporting dependent targets

Andreas Mohr (1):
      FindCURL: Find older MSVC prebuilts

Andy Piper (1):
      Do not include directories which are part of the package install prefix.

Benjamin Eikel (21):
      Initial version of find module
      FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_net
      FindSDL: Version support for FindSDL_image
      FindSDL: Use prefix SDL_NET, because it matches the file name.
      FindSDL: Use SDL_IMAGE prefix for varibales
      FindSDL: Add "cmake_minimum_required" to "try_compile" project
      FindSDL: Format the documentation
      FindSDL: Version support for FindSDL_sound
      FindSDL: Use same capitalization for FPHSA as file name
      FindSDL: Use SDL_MIXER prefix for variables
      FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_mixer
      FindSDL: Update documentation
      FindSDL: Use SDL_TTF prefix for variables
      FindSDL: Add version support for FindSDL_ttf
      FindSDL: Update documentation
      FindSDL: Format documentation
      FindSDL: Add version support
      FindSDL: Add my copyright tag to all FindSDL_* modules
      FindSDL: Remove from find_... calls PATHS that are set by default
      FindSDL: Stay compatible with old input variables

Bill Hoffman (8):
      Use OUTPUT_NORMAL instead of OUTPUT_MERGE for cmake -E chdir.
      curl: Use find_package(OpenSSL)
      curl: Make OpenSSL DLLs available to CMake on Windows
      file(DOWNLOAD): Generalize EXPECTED_MD5 to EXPECTED_HASH
      file(DOWNLOAD): Add options for SSL
      Utilities/Release: Enable CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL in nightly binaries
      Add SSL_VERIFYPEER and CAINFO file options to ExternalProject_Add.
      Revert "Ninja: don't expand any rsp files"

Brad King (83):
      find_library: Add test covering lib->lib64 cases
      find_library: Refactor lib->lib64 conversion
      find_library: Simplify lib->lib expansion
      find_library: Fix mixed lib->lib64 (non-)conversion cases (#13419)
      CMakeDetermine(C|CXX)Compiler: Consider Clang compilers
      Factor common code out of CMakeDetermine(ASM|C|CXX|Fortran)Compiler
      Prefer generic system compilers by default for C, C++, and Fortran
      Xcode: Fix object library references in multi-project trees (#13452)
      Xcode: Run xcode-select to find Xcode version file (#13463)
      Watcom: Simplify compiler version detection (#11866)
      Remove trailing TAB from
      Fix WarnUnusedUnusedViaUnset test pass/fail regex
      CMakeVersion.bash: Update sed expression for lower-case 'set'
      GetPrerequisites: Mark file_cmd as advanced cache entry
      Add boolean generator expressions
      Add $ boolean query generator expression
      Recognize Clang ASM support (#13473)
      Xcode: Set ASM source language in project file (#13472)
      Tests/Assembler: Do not use assembler in universal binaries
      Add FindHg module to find Mercurial
      ExternalProject: Add Mercurial (hg) repository support
      Qt4Macros: Fix recently broken resource file parsing
      Tests/ObjectLibrary: Do not enable CXX in subdirectories
      VS11: Rename 'Immersive' to 'WindowsAppContainer' (#12930)
      VS: Disable precompiled headers unless enabled by project (#12930)
      VS11: Generate flag tables from MSBuild V110 tool files
      Detect Compaq compiler version with its id
      Detect PathScale compiler version with its id
      Detect TI compiler version with its id
      Detect Comeau compiler version with its id
      Detect SDCC compiler version with its id
      Detect Cray compiler version with its id
      Detect Analog VisualDSP++ compiler version with its id
      Re-order C/C++/Fortran compiler determination logic
      CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Prepare to detect IDE compiler id
      Xcode: Detect the compiler id and tool location
      VS10: Define CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET variable
      VS: Detect the compiler id and tool location
      Cleanly enable a language in multiple subdirectories
      Test variables CMAKE_(C|CXX|Fortran)_COMPILER(|_ID|_VERSION)
      Document CMAKE__COMPILER_(ID|VERSION) values
      Make platform information files specific to the CMake version
      Move CMAKE__COMPILER_WORKS to compiler information files
      Store ABI detection results in compiler information files
      VS: Remove support for "free" version 2003 tools
      VS: Simplify MSVC version reporting
      Modernize MSVC compiler information files
      VS: Fix MSVC_IDE definition recently broken by refactoring
      add_library: Document POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE default (#13479)
      magrathea: Tell cmELF about DT_RUNPATH (#13497)
      Utilities/Release: Link AIX binary with large maxdata
      Utilities/xml: Add .gitattributes to disable whitespace checks
      Utilities/xml: Add docbook-4.5 DTD (#13508)
      docbook: Fix formatter naming convention to avoid shadow
      docbook: Fix Sun CC warning on ptr_fun(isalnum)
      curl: Honor OPENSSL_NO_SSL2
      if: Compare up to 8 components in VERSION tests
      ExternalProject: Generalize URL_MD5 option to URL_HASH
      Rename SSL terminology to TLS
      file(DOWNLOAD): Make TLS options behave as documented
      OS X: Add platform-specific Clang compiler info files (#13536)
      VS11: Detect VS 2012 Express for default generator (#13348)
      VS11: Add VS 2012 Express support (#13348)
      file(DOWNLOAD): Add HTTP User-Agent string
      ExternalProject: Add DOWNLOAD_NAME option
      file(DOWNLOAD): Change EXPECTED_HASH to take ALGO=value
      VS8: Remove '.NET' from generator description (#10158)
      Clang: Split Compiler/Clang* modules out from GNU (#13550)
      Clang: All versions know about -fPIE (#13550)
      Xcode: Remove unused code reading CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT_DEFAULT
      OS X: Always generate -isysroot if any SDK is in use
      OS X: Improve default CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT selection
      bootstrap: Suppress CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT if CFLAGS have -isysroot
      Tests/Assembler: Use CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to generate .s file
      OS X: Allow CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to be a logical SDK name
      OS X: Simplify selection of CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES
      OS X: If CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT is already set do not compute default
      OS X: Further improve default CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT selection
      OS X: Teach deployment target sanity check about SDK names
      OS X: Ignore MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET during Xcode compiler id
      Verify that PDB_(NAME|OUTPUT_DIRECTORY) are honored in test
      Document that PDB_(NAME|OUTPUT_DIRECTORY) are ignored for VS 6
      Run PDBDirectoryAndName test on MSVC and Intel

Clinton Stimpson (8):
      fphsa: clarify message about minimum required version found.
      DeployQt4:  Include DESTDIR for some cpack generators.
      Add -DNDEBUG to RelWithDebInfo flags where where Release flags had it.
      Fix regex for qt minor version.
      FindQt4: Give precedence to QTDIR environment variable, if set.
      FindQt4: Give precedence to QTDIR environment variable, if set.
      Fix errors detecting Qt4 on Windows 8.
      cmake-gui: Fix error status when interrupted.

Daniel Pfeifer (8):
      Simplify CMake.HTML documentation test command line
      docbook: Remove table of contents
      docbook: Factor out code to write valid DocBook IDs
      docbook: Fix the DocBook section output
      docbook: Cleanup formatter and generated DocBook
      docbook: Add support for  at section level 1
      docbook: Add CMake.DocBook test to validate xml (#13508)
      docbook: Remove redundant docs that cause invalid DocBook

David Cole (9):
      Begin post-2.8.9 development
      Release: Temporarily exclude ExternalProject test on cygwin
      Add ability to run as a ctest -S script also
      CMake: Clarify the documentation for if(f1 IS_NEWER_THAN f2)
      Convert the CPACK_CYGWIN_PATCH_NUMBER variable to a cache variable
      InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Use correct file names (#13315)
      ProcessorCount: Mark find_program vars as advanced (#13236)
      FindQt4: Avoid "finding" non-existent library in a .framework
      FindMPI: Set correct variables for calls to FPHSA

Eric NOULARD (2):
      Enhance DESTDIR documentation. Fixes #0012374.
      Handles %attr(nnn,-,-) /path/to/file in CPACK_RPM_USER_FILELIST properly.

James Bigler (3):
      Replace -g3 with -g for CUDA 4.1 and 4.2 in addition to CUDA < 3.0.
      Added CUDA_SOURCE_PROPERTY_FORMAT. Allows setting per file format (OBJ or PTX)
      FindCUDA: Added CUDA_HOST_COMPILER variable.

Marcin Wojdyr (1):
      Remove CMake multiline block-end command arguments

Nils Gladitz (1):
      ctest_update: Tell svn not to prompt interactively (#13024)

Patrick Gansterer (4):
      VS: Cleanup AddPlatformDefinitions() of Visual Studio generators
      Add additional architectures to
      Add WindowsCE platform information files
      VS: Remove duplicated implementations of CreateLocalGenerator()

Peter Kuemmel (1):
      Ninja: don't expand any rsp files

Peter Kümmel (15):
      Ninja: cmcldeps needs a compiler
      Ninja: don't crash on returned 0 pointer
      Ninja: prepare msvc pdb cleanup
      Ninja:split out setting of msvc TARGET_PDB
      Ninja: remove GetTargetPDB because it is used only once
      Ninja: also detect /showInclude prefix for icl
      Find mingw's windres also when Unix Makefiles are used
      Ninja: don't suppress warning about compiler options
      Ninja: suppress cmcldeps only for source file signature try_compiles
      Ninja: filter target specific compile flags with language specific regex
      Ninja: OBJECT_DEPENDS should set an implicit dependency
      Ninja: don't confuse ninja's rsp files with nmake's
      Ninja: move -LIBPATH behind -link option
      Ninja: move  in front of the first linker option
      Ninja: add option to enforce usage of response files

Philip Lowman (3):
      FindOpenSceneGraph: CMake variable OSG_DIR influences detection now too
      FindGTK2: Add GTK2_CAIROMMCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR for cairommconfig.h
      CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Visual Studio 2012 added

Rolf Eike Beer (25):
      remove lib64 Unix paths if the respective lib path is also given
      FindOpenSSL: find cross-compiled OpenSSL from MinGW (#13431)
      FindOpenSSL: use SelectLibraryConfigurations
      FindOpenSSL: let CMake handle environment variable HINTS
      FindOpenSSL: cleanup path hints
      FindOpenSSL: remove leftover comment
      SelectLibraryConfiguration: generate correct output when input vars are lists
      Fix typo direcotry -> directory (and similar) [#13444]
      FindSelfPackers: fix typo (#13456)
      CheckTypeSize: show in documentation how to get struct member size (#10579)
      CheckTypeSize: add a test for size of struct members
      FindX11: remove duplicates from X11 include path list (#13316)
      FindX11: avoid calling list(REMOVE_DUPLICATES) on an empty list
      list command: error on too many arguments
      CMake.List test: explicitely test with lists containing only an empty string
      use the find_* functions ENV parameter
      use PATH_SUFFIXES to simplify find_* calls
      do not escape spaces in regular expressions
      read less from version headers into variables
      FindFLEX: fix version extraction on Apple
      FindGettext: remove code duplicating FPHSA checks
      include FPHSA from current directory in all modules
      FindOpenSceneGraph: simplify by using more features of FPHSA
      FindSDL: add SDLMAIN_LIBRARY only once (#13262)
      add documentation for all MSVCxxx version variables (#12567)

Sergei Nikulov (1):
      fix for discovering ft2build.h using FREETYPE_DIR environment var (#13502)

Stephen Kelly (60):
      Add new qt4_use_modules function.
      Add missing whitespace to docs.
      Fix some typos in the docs.
      Remove incorrect doc string for link type enum
      Remove duplicate 'of' from docs.
      Fix unfortunate documentation error for PIC feature.
      Don't duplicate -D defines sent to the compiler.
      Fix CompileDefinitions test on Visual Studio.
      Fix the test setting COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property
      Rename files from main.cpp to more meaningful names.
      Fix casing of 'Qt' in docs, comments and user-visible strings.
      Read entire Qt4 qrc file when parsing for depends info.
      Add a return-after-error if an old Qt is found.
      Use CMake platform variables instead of Qt ones.
      Move variable setting down to where it relates to.
      Remove an if which is always true.
      Use add_subdirectory instead of the obsolete subdirs.
      Replace two include_directories with a setting.
      Compile with both Qt4 and Qt5.
      Build with Qt5 if it is found.
      cmGeneratorExpression: Re-write for multi-stage evaluation
      cmGeneratorExpression: Port users to two-stage processing
      Fix the regular expression validator for target names.
      Handle colons as a special case in the generator expression parser.
      Enable deprecated API when using Qt 5.
      Add more forwarding API to cmGeneratorTarget.
      Store cmGeneratorTargets with the makefile.
      Move GenerateTargetManifest to cmGeneratorTarget.
      Move GetLinkInformation to cmGeneratorTarget
      Make cmLocalGenerator::AddArchitectureFlags take a cmGeneratorTarget.
      Move GetCreateRuleVariable to cmGeneratorTarget.
      Port cmLocalGenerator::GetTargetFlags to cmGeneratorTarget.
      Move GetIncludeDirectories to cmGeneratorTarget.
      Append the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS from the Makefile to all targets.
      Add a wrapper for accessing config-specific compile-definitions.
      Add convenience for getting a cmGeneratorTarget to use.
      Fix compiler warning with initialization order.
      Revert "Move GenerateTargetManifest to cmGeneratorTarget."
      Use the cmGeneratorTarget for the include directories API.
      Fix indentation in the code blocks generator.
      Port remaining code to GetCompileDefinitions().
      Add include guard for cmGeneratorExpression.
      Don't prepend a path before generator expressions in include_directories.
      Convert paths in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property to Unix slashes.
      Add an AppendDefines std::string overload.
      Return a std::string from GetCompileDefinitions.
      Refactor GetCompileDefinitions a bit.
      Extend the generator expression language with more logic.
      Add a generator expression for target properties.
      Add API to check that dependent target properties form a DAG.
      Add a self-reference check for target properties.
      Early return if there is no target.
      Process generator expressions in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property.
      Process generator expressions in the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property.
      Fix the layout of the generator expression documentation.
      Fix punctuation in some variables documentation.
      Document that generator expressions can be used in target properties.
      Remove unused parameter marker and the unused parameter.
      Fix minor typos.
      Remove period at the end of the check message.

Tom Schutter (2):
      cmake-mode.el: Use more readable regex and case-fold-search
      cmake-mode.el: add local keybindings

Xavier Besseron (7):
      cmCTestSVN: Add the new SVNInfo structure
      cmCTestSVN: Extend Revision struct with SVN repo information
      cmCTestSVN: Add the Repositories list and the RootInfo pointer
      cmCTestSVN: Create the SVNInfo for the root repository
      cmCTestSVN: Use the SVNInfo structure
      cmCTestSVN: Add a LoadExternal() function and an ExternalParser class
      cmCTestSVN: Load and process information from externals

Yuchen Deng (1):
      Add PDB_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY and PDB_NAME target properties (#10830)

Yury G. Kudryashov (7):
      exports: Move cmTargetExport to a dedicated header file
      exports: Remove cmTargetExport constructor
      exports: Rename cmGlobalGenerator::AddTargetToExport{s,}
      exports: Create class cmExportSet
      exports: Add cmExportSetMap class
      exports: Hold an ExportSet pointer in cm*Export*Generator
      exports: cmGlobalGenerator::ExportSets destructor will clear it

Zack Galbreath (2):
      Clean up documentation formatting so that it is rendered properly in HTML.
      cmparseMSBuildXML: Include DisplayName in the output

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  1. Good job guys! Any chance you can get a developer key and sign the package for Mountain Lion users like me who don’t want to change the security settings? Bonus points for making it available on the App Store.

    Looking forward to the signed packages!

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