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June 7, 2013

Some problems were reported with the 2.8.11 release. Thanks to the swift work of Brad King, Stephen Kelly, Rolf Eike Beer and Modestas Vainius, those problems have been fixed. We’ve prepared a bug fix release to address those issues.

The change log page for this bug-fix only release is here:
Please use the latest release from our download page rather than the 2.8.11 builds that we had previously uploaded.

Thanks for your support!

Changes in CMake (since 2.8.11)
Brad King (5):
      ExternalData: Do not re-stage staged object files
      try_compile: Fix quoting of libraries in generated CMakeLists.txt
      KWSys: Fix SystemTools::FileIsDirectory with long paths (#14176)
      FindBoost: Fix handling of \ in input paths (#14179)
      Xcode: Fix framework search paths in STATIC library targets (#14191)

Modestas Vainius (1):
      Fix test failures caused by regexp-sensitive characters in the build paths

Stephen Kelly (9):
      include_directories: Fix handling of empty or space-only entries
      try_compile: Trim whitespace from LINK_LIBRARIES entries
      cmTarget: Remove some hardcoding of transitive property names.
      GenexEval: Extract a getLinkedTargetsContent from TargetPropertyNode.
      GenexEval: Fix evaluation of INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.
      GenexEval: Test evaluation of INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.
      FindQt4: Don't fail if certain Qt modules are unavailable.
      Qt4Macros: Handle Qt ActiveX libraries in qt4_use_modules.
      Genex: Fix the HEAD target used for evaluated expressions

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