CMake 2.8.11-rc1 ready for testing!

March 15, 2013

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.11 has entered the release candidate stage.

You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D
Some of the notable changes in this release are:

    • Introduced Target Usage Requirements
      • Targets can specify usage requirements for their consumers such as include directories and preprocessor definitions; previously only link dependencies were supported
      • target_link_libraries(myexe yourlib) can now build myexe sources with requirements specified by yourlib
      • Added target_include_directories and target_compile_definitions commands with PUBLIC/PRIVATE/INTERFACE options
      • See design and development discussion at

  • Introduced a Generator Toolset selection for VS >= 10 and Xcode >= 3
    • Tell the IDEs which compiler toolchain to use
    • ex. Use VS 9 tools under VS 10: -G “Visual Studio 10” -T “v90”
  • Introduced ExternalData Module
    • Keep source trees lightweight by storing data separately
    • Reference data unambiguously from source tree by content hash
    • Fetch on-demand during build from local or remote resources
  • CMake: Sublime Text Generator added that supports both Make and Ninja
  • CMake: Added support for Texas Instruments C6 and up compilers
  • CMake: Improve OpenBSD support
  • CMake: Support for Windows CE with VS 8 and 9 generators
  • CPack: Added Support for 64bit NSIS
  • CPack: Added WiX Package Generator
  • ExternalProject: Will run git fetch less often
  • FindBoost: Major overhaul of searching and result caching
  • FindCUDA: Now has support for separable compilation
  • FindQt4: Overall improvements to finding Qt and importing targets
  • FindSquish: Added support for squish 4
  • GetPrerequisites: Port to MinGW with objdump

The bug tracker change log page for this version is at:

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the previous release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.


Changes in CMake 2.8.11-rc1 (since
Alan Witkowski (1):
      FindBullet: Search in per-config dirs on Windows (#13738)
Aleksey Avdeev (1):
      Add module FindIcotool
Alex Neundorf (30):
      Eclipse: add switch to disable linked resources (#13189)
      Eclipse: set source path once to fix Eclipse indexer (#13596)
      cmDependsC: remove unused member variable
      cmDependsC: remove code duplication
      cmDependsC: fix indentation
      cmDepends: allow multiple dependees per depender
      AddCustomCommand: Handle multiple IMPLICIT_DEPENDS files (#10048)
      Add support for Texas Instruments DSP compiler (#12405)
      Squish: detect version
      Squish: use FPHSA
      Squish: find executables also under Windows
      Squish: rename squish_add_test() to squish_v3_add_test() and fix docs a bit
      Squish: use ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}
      Squish: add support for squish 4 (#9734)
      Squish: fix new squish_v4_add_test() macro
      Automoc: “inherit” FOLDER target property from target (#13688)
      FPHSA: don’t succeed if only checking for XX_FOUND (#13755)
      CONFIGURE_PACKAGE_CONFIG_FILE(): improve generated comments
      Automoc: get include dirs without stripping implicit include dirs off
      configure_package_config_file: force absolute paths for usr-move
      configure_package_config_file(): fix indentation
      configure_package_config_file(): extend documentation
      documentation: handling of relative paths by include- and link_directories()
      automoc: use a std::vector<> instead a std::list
      automoc: use the header extensions from cmMakefile
      Eclipse: also detect include dirs and macro for clang (#13823)
      cmLocalGenerator: remove “virtual” where not used
      export files: rewrite the code for checking required targets
      FPHSA: Add FOUND_VAR option to specify _FOUND variable name
      FPHSA: improve documentation
Alexander Chehovsky (2):
      Xcode: Fix nested source group handling (#12943)
      Xcode: Sort source files
Amine Chadly (2):
      file: remove dead code
      Add test to secure the file(GLOB empty) behavior.
Amit Kulkarni (6):
      OpenBSD: Install shared libraries without executable permission
      OpenBSD: Add paths for Java 1.6.0/1.7.0 JRE/JDK
      OpenBSD: Add path for Freetype under
      OpenBSD: Add paths for Tcl/Tk 8.4/8.5
      OpenBSD: Add path for Lua 5.1
      OpenBSD: Add paths for Qt3/Qt4
Andreas Mohr (4):
      Documentation: Correct typos and grammar
      Documentation: Clarify some command descriptions
      Correct string literal typo (have “(NULL)” like all other cases).
      Remove seemingly bogus duplicate CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME call.
Anton Helwart (1):
      VS: Avoid empty source groups in some cases (#3474)
Benjamin Eikel (2):
      Swap linking order of SDLmain and SDL (#0013769)
      FindSDL_…: Restore dropped search paths (#13819)
Brad King (109):
      find_library: Refactor internal name iteration
      find_library: Simplify framework search logic
      find_library: Generalize helper macro in test case
      find_library: Optionally consider all names in each directory
      FindBoost: Remove extra indentation level
      FindBoost: Mark Boost_DIR cache entry as advanced
      FindBoost: Use PATH_SUFFIXES to look in “Program Files”
      FindBoost: Overhaul caching and search repeat behavior
      FindBoost: Construct a clean Boost_LIBRARIES value
      FindBoost: Refactor Boost_FOUND computation and version check
      FindBoost: Rewrite documentation
      BSD: Do not require dlfcn.h to build shared libs (#13573)
      Xcode: Fix ReRunCMake.make path to cmake.check_cache (#13603)
      VS10: Refactor link options collection
      VS10: Honor /DELAYSIGN and /KEYFILE flags (#13601)
      Document external language support policy
      CTest: Allow SUBMIT_INDEX with CDash
      KWSys: Submit dashboard builds to PublicDashboard
      pre-commit: Update KWSys rejection message for new workflow
      CTestCustom: Suppress LNK4089 warning about PSAPI
      load_command: Deprecate and document pending removal
      Documentation: Clarify configure_file behavior
      OS X: Warn about known SDK breakage by Xcode 3.2.6
      Optionally skip link dependencies on shared library files
      Teach BuildDepends test to cover LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED
      Serialize tests for EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT_BUILD
      MSVC: Drop default use of /Zm1000 for VS >= 7.1
      Teach find_(path|file) about Linux multiarch (#13742)
      Test find_path multiarch support (#13742)
      Add policy CMP0019 to skip include/link variable re-expansion
      Xcode: Add frameworks search paths from link dependeny closure (#13397)
      Makefile: Use modern link information for framework search paths
      Documentation: Clarify handling of implicit link directories
      Remove references to KWSys Process Win9x support
      add_library: Document object library portability suggestion
      OS X: Link with all framework search paths, not just the last
      OS X: Detect implicit link directories on modern toolchains
      OS X: Detect implicit linker framework search paths
      Revert “load_command: Deprecate and document pending removal”
      VS11: Simplify external object file handling (#13831)
      KWIML: Teach ABI about ‘long long’ on older GNU
      CMake: Skip empty link.txt lines (#13845)
      ExternalProject: Allow DEPENDS on normal targets (#13849)
      VS11: Fix VSExternalInclude test
      target_link_libraries: Document that new sigs privatize old (#13876)
      Tests: Avoid CTestLimitDashJ crash on Borland 5.8 builds
      Fix use of cmTypeMacro in new command classes
      Fix cmSystemTools::RenameFile race on Windows
      VS 6: Create .rule file directory before file
      Add ExternalData module
      ExternalData: Remove compatibility with CMake < 2.8.5
      ExternalData: Do not match directory names when resolving DATA{}
      ExternalData: Cleanup stray TODO and typo in comments
      ExternalData: Remove unused private interface
      ExternalData: Improve series matching using an explicit syntax
      ExternalData: Add tests covering interfaces and errors
      ExternalData: Allow ()-groups in series match regex
      ExternalData: Allow DATA{} syntax to reference directories
      ExternalData: Generalize hash algo/ext handling
      ExternalData: Add support for SHA 1 and 2 hash algorithms
      ExternalData: Collapse ../ components in DATA{} paths
      Fix Module.ExternalData test on Cygwin
      Fix Module.ExternalData test on VS 6
      ExternalData: Attach download rules to content links in IDEs
      find_package: Reword <package>_NO_INTERFACES documentation
      Normalize full paths in implicit link library list
      Fail early if no current working directory exists
      MSVC: Fix CMAKE_CL_64 in CXX-only projects (#13896)
      ExternalProject: Simplify CMake command line generation
      Tests: Run ctest custom commands with VERBATIM
      CMake: Add -T option to choose a generator toolset
      VS: Implement generator toolset selection (#10722, #13774)
      Xcode: Implement generator toolset selection (#9831, #13802)
      CTest: Add options to set generator toolset
      ExternalProject: Propagate the generator toolset
      Tests: Consolidate ctest –build-and-test generator options
      Tests: Add generator toolset support
      Fix crash on empty CMAKE_<lang>_COMPILER value (#13901)
      file: Do not remove symlinked directories recursively (#10538)
      Embarcadero: Fix default link stack/heap flags (#13912)
      Avoid duplicate RPATH entries
      AIX-GNU: Put implicit link directories in runtime libpath (#13909)
      VS: Replace generation timestamp file atomically
      VS,Xcode: Remove unused CMAKE_GENERATOR_* variables
      Delete entire CMakeFiles directory when deleting CMakeCache.txt (#13756)
      Tests/RunCMake: Allow tests to control build tree behavior
      Test Unix Makefiles generator support for changing compilers
      Xcode: Drop check for circular target dependencies
      Xcode: Each target dependency edge needs a unique object (#13935)
      Tests: Replace exec_program with execute_process
      Tests: Generalize decision for ‘make’ tool supporting spaces
      ExternalData: Test content link with a space in its name
      FPHSA: Convert FOUND_VAR failure test to RunCMake
      VS: Restore CMAKE_GENERATOR_FC variable
      Xcode: Generate recommended artwork setting (#13954)
      CTest: Fix ctest_update with ‘HEAD’ file in source tree
      VS 10: Fix CMAKE_<LANG>_STACK_SIZE implementation (#13968)
      install(EXPORT): Force absolute paths for usr-move
      AIX: Do not use -brtl to create shared libraries (#13997)
      add_subdirectory: Compute output dir with consistent slashes (#10072)
      ExternalData: Preserve escaped semicolons during argument expansion
      Avoid crash when checking property link dependencies without link info
      Avoid crash when checking property compatibility without link info
      Refactor RunCMake.build_command test to allow more cases
      build_command: Fail early without CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM (#14005)
      CTest: Fail early without PROJECT_BINARY_DIR (#14005)
      FindQt4: Fix QT_QMAKE{_QMAKE => }_EXECUTABLE typo
      XL: Use -qpic for position independent code (#14010)
      Configure Tests/CMakeTests only with BUILD_TESTING ON
Casey Goodlett (1):
      CTest: Prevent creation of unbounded number of tests in ctest (#12904)
Clemens Heppner (1):
      CMake: source_group needs to check its own regex after its children (#13611)
Clinton Stimpson (5):
      Fix for possible Rez errors when creating dmg.
      PackageMaker: Enable postflight script in component mode (#12375)
      CPack: Fix RPM/Deb package names to not include “ALL_COMPONENTS_IN_ONE”
      Qt4: Add SYSTEM option to include_directories.
      FindQt4: set QT_VERSION_* variables sooner.
David Cole (19):
      Begin post-2.8.10 development
      CPack: Add automatic detection of the Unicode makensis (#9629)
      BundleUtilities: Use a more inclusive REGEX for frameworks (#13600)
      VS: Avoid empty, unreferenced solution folders… (#13571)
      NMake: Add a test to demonstrate EmptyDepends issue (#13392)
      NMake: Fix problem with empty DEPENDS args (#13392)
      CMake: Remove “/STACK:10000000” from default linker flags (#12437)
      Watcom: Avoid prompt from wmake about dll with no exports…
      Tests: Use the right path to CPack value for running CPack tests
      VS11: Allow using folders with the VS11 Express Edition (#13770)
      CPack: Fix dashboard errors (#11575)
      CPack: Fix dashboard warnings (#11575)
      CPack: Fix dashboard errors and warnings (#11575)
      CMake: Stylistic changes and documentation tweaks
      CMake: Fix dashboard warnings
      CMake: Fix dashboard test failure
      CMake: Fix dashboard build errors and warnings
      CTest: Coverage handler: expect certain output lines from gcov 4.7 (#13657)
      Add CTestLimitDashJ test (#12904)
David Golub (2):
      CPack/NSIS: Fix compatibility issues with prerelease NSIS (#13202)
      CPack/NSIS: Add support for 64-bit NSIS (#13203)
Eric LaFranchi (1):
      CPack: WIX Product Icon, UI Banner, UI Dialog support (#13789)
Eric NOULARD (1):
      CPackRPM fix #13898 uses IF(DEFINED var) to avoid wrong var value logic
Gerald Hofmann (1):
      CPack: Fix NSIS version check without release version (#9721)
James Bigler (4):
      Use PRE_LINK instead of PRE_BUILD when testing PRE_LINK.
      FindCUDA: Remove linkage against CUDA driver library (#13084)
      FindCUDA: Add support for separable compilation
      FindCUDA: Added cupti library.
Janne Rönkkö (1):
      FindQt4: Do not use qmake from Qt5
Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):
      Add $<SEMICOLON> generator expression.
Marcus D. Hanwell (1):
      Removed GenerateExportHeader warnings about old compilers
Mark Salisbury (2):
      VS: Specify WinCE subsystem also for DLLs
      VS: Specify WinCE subsystems correctly in VS 9 2008
Mathias Gaunard (2):
      enable CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS with Ninja too
      Ninja: fix usage of cldeps with ctest launchers
Matt McCormick (7):
      ExternalProject: Only run ‘git fetch’ when required.
      ExternalProject: Do smoke tests for Git Tutorial builds.
      ExternalProject: Add tests for UPDATE_COMMAND.
      ExternalProject: Always do a git fetch for a remote ref.
      ExternalProject: Make sure the ExternalProjectUpdate setup is available.
      ExternalProject: Verify when a fetch occurs during update test.
      ExternalProjectUpdateTest: Only support Git 1.6.5 and greater.
Matthew Woehlke (1):
      ccmake: Allow DEL key in first column
Michael Tänzer (4):
      GetPrerequisites: Move tool search paths up
      GetPrerequisites: Add support for objdump
      GetPrerequisites: Enable test for BundleUtilities on MinGW
      GetPrerequisites: Add documentation for objdump
Michael Wild (1):
      cmDepends: No dependency-vector erasure in CheckDependencies
Morné Chamberlain (15):
      Added a generator for Sublime Text 2 project files.
      Added some support for sublimeclang_options in the generated project file.
      Changed SublimeClang include path generation to expand to absolute paths.
      Cleaned up the Sublime Text 2 Generator code a bit.
      Fixed support for the Ninja build system.
      Added and cleaned up some comments.
      The generator no longer generates an explicit list of source files.
      The generator no longer generates absolute paths to the
      Added a CMAKE_SUBLIMECLANG_DISABLED variable that disables SublimeClang.
      Fixed Sublime Text project generation for in-source builds
      Define flags in CMAKE_C(XX)_FLAGS are now included in SublimeClang settings.
      SublimeText2 Gen: Improved use of define, include flags from CMAKE_C(XX)_FLAGS
      SublimeText2 Gen: Fixed the issue where include directory flags used -D
      Sublime Text 2 Gen: Per-source Compile flags are now saved in a separate file.
      SublimeText 2 Gen: Set the sublimeclang_options_script property.
Neil Carlson (1):
      NAG: Use -PIC for Fortran position-independent code (#13932)
Nils Gladitz (2):
      CPack: Add a WiX Generator (#11575)
      CMake: Add TIMESTAMP subcommand to string and file commands
Patrick Gansterer (28):
      Introduce the abstract class cmGlobalGeneratorFactory
      Add cmGlobalGeneratorFactory::GetGenerators()
      Search generator in cmake::ExtraGenerators before in cmake::Generators
      Allow a GeneratorFactory handling of more than one generator
      Make cmGlobalGenerator::GetDocumentation() a static function
      VS: Remove AddPlatformDefinitions from platform-specific generators
      VS: Fix ArchitectureId of Visual Studio 10 IA64 generator
      VS: Remove GetPlatformName from platform-specific generators
      VS: Remove EnableLanguage from platform-specific generators
      VS: Remove platform specific generator files
      FindBISON: Add support for the Win flex-bison distribution
      FindFLEX: Add support for the Win flex-bison distribution
      VS: Remove TargetMachine for linker when checking compiler id
      VS: Add CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME definition to cmMakefile
      VS: Add static method to get the base of the registry
      VS: Change variable type of ArchitectureId from const char* to string
      VS: Change variable type of Name from const char* to string
      VS: Support setting correct subsystem and entry point for WinCE
      VS: Add parser for WCE.VCPlatform.config to read WinCE platforms
      VS: Allow setting the name of the target platform
      VS: Make DetermineCompilerId working with WinCE too
      VS: Added “Deploy” at project configuration for WindowsCE targets
      Add command to generate environment for a Windows CE SDK
      VS: Set the correct SubSystem when determinating the CompilerId
      VS: Add the entry point when compiling for WindowsCE
      VS: Ignore LIBC.lib when linking the CompilerId executables
      Set WINCE to 1 when building for WindowsCE
      Ninja: Avoid LNK1170 linker error
Peter Kümmel (6):
      Ninja: encode LINK_FLAGS to handle bash variables
      Ninja: fix building from Codeblocks GUI
      Ninja: remove implicit dependency on custom command outputs
      Ninja: use MinGW generator code in EnableLanguage()
      Ninja: the Ninja generator does not support Fortran yet.
      Ninja: escape line breaks in literals
Petr Kmoch (11):
      Add tests for list() argument count
      Add tests for list() invalid arguments
      Consolidate list() argument count testing
      Add several get_property() tests
      Define property EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT_BUILD
      Implement properties VS_GLOBAL_SECTION_*
      Define properties VS_GLOBAL_SECTION_*
      Documentation: Clarify a few subtleties
Riku Voipio (1):
      KWIML: Teach ABI.h about Aarch64
Robert Maynard (4):
      XCode generator won’t infinitely parse compiler flags (bug #13354).
      Correct missing parameter to CMP0018Flags call.
      Remove ability to generate sublime clang files.
      Update generator to use new cmGeneratorTarget api.
Rodolfo Schulz de Lima (1):
      FindGTK2: Fix GTK2_LIBRARIES order for static gtk libraries
Rolf Eike Beer (21):
      FindQt: improve version selection
      FindQt: add some more places to look for Qt3
      Tests: add MajorVersionSelection tests
      Linux/PA-RISC: Link with –unique=.text.* to help binutils
      FindQt: add to MajorVersionSelection test
      CMakeTests: allow to call the check_cmake_test macro with a given file
      list: add tests for CMP0007 behavior
      GetProperty test: move doc property tests into main process
      Find* (and some other): use ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR} in include()
      bootstrap: use better defaults for Haiku
      Haiku no longer defines __BEOS__
      check for Haiku only with __HAIKU__
      FindLua51: do not try to link libm on BeOS
      FindGLUT: BeOS does not have libXi and libXmu
      FindOpenGL: add Haiku paths
      doc: fix linebreaks in generator expression documentation
      ProcessorCount test: fix path to cmsysTestsCxx executable
      ProcessorCount test: require SystemInformation process to work
      FindOpenMP: improve documentation (#13895)
      properly detect processor architecture on Windows
      fix Windows processor detection
Sean McBride (1):
      libarchive: fixed undefined left shift with signed ints
Slava Sysoltsev (1):
      FindImageMagick: Search quantum depth suffixes (#13859)
Stephen Kelly (158):
      GenEx: Test early determination of AND and OR
      Enable some compiler warnings when building CMake.
      Resolve warnings about unused variables.
      Resolve warnings about used enum values in switch blocks.
      Resolve warnings about shadowing parameters and local variables.
      Resolve ambiguity warning regarding use of && and ||.
      Remove references to ancient and removed parts of the code.
      Always use the auto_ptr from cmsys.
      Port cmGeneratorExpression to cmTarget from cmGeneratorTarget.
      Split link information processing into two steps.
      Revert “Move GetLinkInformation to cmGeneratorTarget”
      Genex: Extract a method to parse parameters.
      Genex: Ensure that $<0:…> has a parameter.
      Genex: Don’t segfault on $<FOO,>
      Generate an early-return guard in target Export files.
      Fix some warnings from -Wundef
      Make targets depend on the link interface of their dependees.
      Use cmsys::auto_ptr to manage cmCompiledGeneratorExpressions
      Keep track of INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES as a vector of structs.
      Add a way to print the origins of used include directories.
      Tests: Fix warning about unused variable
      Qt4: Add module dependencies to the IMPORTED targets
      Don’t crash when a target is expected but is not available.
      Add test for custom command with a genex referring to a target.
      GenEx: Add expressions to specify build- or install-only values
      Allow generator expressions to require literals.
      Add the TARGET_NAME generator expression.
      Add API to extract target names from a genex string.
      Add API to populate INTERFACE properties in exported targets.
      Make all relevant targets available in the genex context.
      Use mapped config properties to evaluate $<CONFIG>
      Make cycles in target properties ignored, not an error.
      Populate the ExportedTargets member early in GenerateMainFile
      Handle INTERFACE properties transitively for includes and defines. 
      Add CMAKE_BUILD_INTERFACE_INCLUDES build-variable.
      Make linking APIs aware of ‘head’ target
      Add LINK_LIBRARIES property for direct target link dependencies
      Allow target_link_libraries with IMPORTED targets.
      Add the -Wundef flag when compiling CMake.
      FindQt4: Add INTERFACE includes and defines to Qt4 targets
      Add the target_include_directories command.
      Add the target_compile_definitions command.
      Keep track of properties used to determine linker libraries.
      Add API to calculate link-interface-dependent bool properties or error.
      Process the INTERFACE_PIC property from linked dependencies
      Fix linking to imported libraries test.
      Add cmGeneratorExpression::Split() API.
      Don’t pass a position when determining if a target name is a literal.
      Extract the AddTargetNamespace method.
      Split the generator expression before extracting targets.
      Split LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES export handling into dedicated method.
      Allow generator expressions in LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES.
      Add a way to check INTERFACE user property compatibility.
      Don’t include generator expressions in old-style link handling.
      Document the use of generator expressions in new commands.
      Add the TARGET_DEFINED generator expression
      Strip consecutive semicolons when preprocessing genex strings.
      Don’t write a comment in the export file without the code.
      Only generate one check per missing target.
      Move the exported check for dependencies of targets
      Move the exported check for file existence.
      Add a test for the interfaces in targets exported from the build tree.
      Make the BUILD_INTERFACE of export()ed targets work.
      Export the INTERFACE_PIC property.
      Test evaluation target via export for generator expressions
      Make sure generator expressions can be used with target_include_directories.
      Populate the link information cache before checking dependent properties.
      Exit early if we find an inconsistent property.
      Make INTERFACE determined properties readable in generator expressions.
      Clear the link information in ClearLinkMaps.
      Export the COMPATIBLE_INTERFACE_BOOL content properties
      Add the $<TARGET_POLICY> expression
      Automatically link to the qtmain library when linking to QtCore.
      Don’t wrap all targets in LINK_LIBRARIES in a TARGET_NAME genex.
      Generate new-style cmake code during export.
      Store includes from the same include_directories call together.
      Only output includes once after the start of ‘generate-time’ when debugging.
      Specify the target whose includes are being listed.
      Output include directories as LOG messages, not warnings.
      Revert “Allow target_link_libraries with IMPORTED targets.”
      Disallow porcelain to populate includes and defines of IMPORTED targets.
      Exclude the LINK_LIBRARIES related properties from INTERFACE evaluation.
      Make calculation of link-interface-dependent properties type-sensitive.
      Move GetCompileDefinitions to cmTarget.
      Process COMPILE_DEFINITIONS as generator expressions in QtAutomoc.
      Generate the _IMPORT_PREFIX in the non-config export file.
      Add the INSTALL_PREFIX genex.
      Fix TARGET_PROPERTY target extractions.
      Make the Property name protected so that subclasses can use it.
      Don’t allow targets args in the new target commands.
      Make subclasses responsible for joining content.
      Use the result of converting to a unix path.
      Handle reading empty properties defined by the link interface.
      Advance more when preprocessing exported strings.
      Make it an error for INSTALL_PREFIX to be evaluated.
      Export targets to a targets file, not a Config file.
      Add a way to exclude INTERFACE properties from exported targets.
      Add API to check if we’re reading a includes or defines property.
      Add the $<LINKED:…> generator expression.
      Add includes and compile definitions with target_link_libraries.
      Test workaround of bad interface include directories from depends.
      Optimize genex evaluation for includes and defines.
      Cache context-independent includes on evaluation.
      Style: Use this-> when invoking member functions.
      Process generator expressions for ‘system’ include directories.
      Deduplicate the isGeneratorExpression method.
      De-duplicate validation of genex target names.
      Test printing origin of include dirs from tll().
      The COMPATIBLE_INTERFACE does not affect the target it is set on.
      Ensure type specific compatible interface properties do not intersect.
      Fix generation of COMPILE_DEFINITIONS in DependInfo.cmake.
      Fix determination of evaluating link libraries.
      Only use early evaluation termination for transitive properties.
      Move a special case for PIC from the genex to the cmTarget code.
      Don’t keep track of content determined by target property values.
      Only append build interface include dirs to particular targets.
      Ensure that the build interface includes have been added.
      Whitelist target types in target_{include_directories,compile_definitions}
      Make sure INTERFACE properties work with OBJECT libraries.
      Don’t allow utility or global targets in the LINKED expression.
      Generate config-specific interface link libraries propeties.
      Fix determination of when we’re evaluating compile definitions.
      Rename the IncludeDirectoriesEntry to be more generic.
      Don’t use LINKED where not needed.
      Use the link information as a source of compile definitions and includes.
      Revert “Don’t allow utility or global targets in the LINKED expression.”
      Don’t populate INTERFACE includes and defines properties in tll.
      Revert “Add the $<LINKED:…> generator expression.”
      Revert “find_package: Reword <package>_NO_INTERFACES documentation”
      Revert “Add a way to exclude INTERFACE properties from exported targets.”
      Don’t add target-specific interface includes and defines to Qt 4 targets.
      Fix GenerateExportHeader documentation #13936
      automoc: Add source file to target early to set the linker language
      Keep track of all targets seen while evaluating a genex.
      Add a new Export generator for IMPORTED targets.
      Handle targets in the LINK_LIBRARIES of try_compile.
      Strip stray semicolons when evaluating generator expressions.
      Workaround broken code where a target has itself in its link iface.
      Fix DAG checker finding cycling dependencies.
      Expand includes and defines transitively in ‘external’ genexes.
      Fix constness of accessors.
      Fix the tests for evaluating includes and defines.
      Memoize includes and defines from interface libraries.
      Remove use of TARGET_DEFINED from target_include_directories test.
      Remove use of TARGET_DEFINED from the ExportImport test.
      Remove use of TARGET_DEFINED from the target_link_libraries test.
      Revert “Add the TARGET_DEFINED generator expression”
      Only add existing targets to the Qt4 target depends properties.
      Fix the cmGeneratorExpression::Split when leading chars are present.
      Fix RPATH information when only a genex is used as a link library.
      Mention that IMPORTED targets may be created by a find_package call.
      Remove unused parameters from target_link_libraries tests.
      Only process transitive interface properties for valid target names.
      Restore support for target names with ‘+’ (#13986)
      Automoc: Don’t create automoc targets if Qt is not used (#13999)
      cmake-gui: Use -fPIE if required by Qt.
      cmake-gui: Workaround bug in Qt 5.0.0 to 5.0.3 QStandardItemModel

Thomas Klausner (1):
      KWIML: Teach ABI.h that VAX is big endian

Yury G. Kudryashov (3):
      Automoc: Fix automoc for OBJECT libraries.
      Automoc: add OBJECT library to QtAutomoc test
      spell: fix a few typos in comments

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