CMake 2.8.3-rc1 ready for testing!

September 15, 2010

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.3 has entered the release candidate stage! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Following is the list of changes in this release. (If you notice something missing please let me know and I will add it to the official release when 2.8.3 is finalized.)

Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

Happy building!


Changes in CMake 2.8.3-rc1 (since 2.8.2)
Alex Neundorf (39):
      fix build on SUSE 11.2 in cmcurl due to ssize_t
      -add an additional name for finding libtiff on Windows
      -fix typo in docs of deprecated MacroAddFileDependencies.cmake
      add 2nd, more powerful mode to find_package_handle_standard_args()
      -fix indentation of the documentation
      Add version checking support to FindFlex and FindPerlLibs
      FindSquish doesn’t detect the version, remove that from the documentation
      Improved version checking for FindRuby using the new mode of FPHSA()
      Improved version checking for FindJava using the new FPHSA() mode
      Fix DETAILS string with version number in FHPSA()
      Improved version checking for FindSubversion using the new mode of FPHSA()
      Improved version checking for FindCUDA using the new mode of FPHSA
      Use FPHSA() in FindSWIG, including version checking.
      Change documentation of Subversion_FOUND and SUBVERSION_FOUND.
      Add macro CMakeParseArguments() and use it in FPHSA()
      Fix ZLIB version parsing if no TWEAK version exists
      Fix EclipseCDT include path parsing with spaces (#10868)
      Fix EclipseCDT parsing of builtin macros with spaces (#10868)
      Remove trailing spaces
      Detect a COMPILER_ID also for ASM.
      Add timeout to execute_process() in CMAKE_DETERMINE_COMPILER_ID().
      Fix parsing of builtin macros so Eclipse handles them properly (#10868)
      Log the required package version and major improvement to FeatureSummary
      Improve documentation.
      Improve wording of the documentation.
      Add macro ADD_FEATURE_INFO() and improve docs.
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Make target_link_libraries() complain if bad target name is used
      Just warn in case of a bad target as only argument for t_l_l()
      Remove trailing whitespace
      New CMP0016 for deciding whether an unknown target in TLL() is an error.
      Record all considered Config files and their versions.
      Improve error message in Config-mode when no appropriate version was found
      Replace the two vector<string,string> with one vector<struct{string,string}>
      Small cleanup of FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake
      Don’t create an empty element at the end of Foo_CONSIDERED_CONFIGS/VERSIONS
      Add option CONFIG_MODE to FPHSA()
      Improve version notice in the generated message
      Improve wording of the error message of find_package() in config-mode

Andrew Maclean (3):
      Adding a FindPostgreSQL.cmake module
      Forgot the copyright notice.

Arjen Verweij (1):
      Pass objects to Intel linker using a response file

Bill Hoffman (9):
      Disable gcc 33 on OpenBSD because it crashes CPack by default.
      Fix for bug#10483, INCLUDE_EXTERNAL_MSPROJECT: ProjectGUID now ProjectGuid
      Remove the ctest submit larget output test.
      Let CMake recognize .CPP .CXX and .C++ as c++ files.
      Fix for bug 10388, fix various default flags.
      Only use .CPP .CXX and .C++ do not work by default with g+++.
      Fix targets with . in the name for VS 10 IDE.
      Only test for .CPP on Microsoft compilers which will handle .CPP as c++.
      Allow testing of .CPP on WIN32 as it is a case insensitive OS and should work.

Brad King (69):
      ExternalProject: Add LOG_* options to hide step output
      FindMPI: Do not parse -l in middle of library name
      FindMPI: Parse mpicc flags more carefully (#9093)
      Fix or cast integer conversions in cmake
      Begin post-2.8.2 development
      FindMPI: Failure is not an error if not REQUIRED
      FindMPI: Trust mpicc -showme on BlueGene/L
      VS: Always separate preprocessor defs by semicolon (#10902)
      KWSys: Cleanup putenv leak option implementation
      KWSys: Pass ptrdiff_t check result to System.c
      Fix or cast more integer conversions in cmake
      Use same type in both cases of ‘?:’ operator
      FindMPI: Fix parsing of mpicc -Wl,-L link flags (#9093)
      Fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings in ccmake
      Fix integer conversions in cpack
      bootstrap: Detect known C/C++ compiler toolchains
      KWSys: Use short fallback timeout for Process tests
      KWSys: Optionally suppress consistent test failures
      KWSys: Avoid Clang optimizer bug in testProcess-[45]
      Poison GCC 3.3 on OpenBSD a bit later
      KWSys: Avoid undefined behavior in Process crash tests
      Optionally use system bzip2 library (#10932)
      ctest_update: Abort if Git FETCH_HEAD has no candidates
      ctest_update: Support “.git file” work trees
      ctest_update: Run ‘git submodule’ at top level
      FindBoost: Search for Boost 1.42
      Add FindLibArchive module (#10923)
      Add option CMAKE_USE_SYSTEM_LIBARCHIVE (#10923)
      Refer to self with CMake_(SOURCE|BINARY)_DIR (#10046)
      ExternalProject: Fix $(MAKE) with cygpath on Windows
      FindBoost: Search for Boost 1.43 and 1.44
      Include headers from chosen libarchive (#10923)
      No response files with GNU ld <= 2.16 (#10913)
      Create class cmArchiveWrite to wrap libarchive (#11020)
      Include entries for directories in tarballs (#11020)
      cmArchiveWrite: Fix signed/unsigned compare/convert
      cmArchiveWrite: Fix signed/unsigned again
      CPack: Avoid member shadowing after API refactor
      KWSys: Fix SplitPath for leading ‘\’ on Windows
      KWSys: Fix GetActualCaseForPath for UNC paths
      ModuleNoticesTest: Do not require “Kitware” copyright
      Modules: Fix CMakeParseArguments copyright notice
      FortranCInterface: Fix doc typo FC.h -> FCMangle.h
      CTest: Avoid use of old EscapeSpaces method
      Remove cmSystemTools::EscapeSpaces method
      Clarify install(TARGETS) docs for EXPORT option
      Factor out global generator ComputeTargetDepends method
      Factor out duplicate VS target dependency code
      Refactor VS <= 7.1 utility-depends workaround
      Restore GetTargetDirectDepends const return
      Split notion of node lists and edge lists
      Distinguish “strong” and “weak” target dependency edges
      Honor strong intra-component target dependencies
      libarchive: Remove SCHILY dev,ino,nlink attributes (#11176)
      Fix unused parameter warning in VS 7.1 generator
      KWSys: Avoid empty string dereference in SplitString
      KWSys: Improve SplitPath method documentation
      KWSys: Use SplitPath in GetActualCaseForPath
      Add whitespace=tab-in-indent attribute for sources
      Search MacPorts /opt/local prefix on Mac
      HP-UX: Always add /usr/lib to rpath (#10571)
      No CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES in single-config generators (#10202)
      KWSys: Suppress -Wcast-align warning in MD5.c
      Suppress -Wcast-align in curl and bzip2
      libarchive: Fix purposeful crash
      bootstrap: Honor CFLAGS during “make” test (#10545)
      file(DOWNLOAD): Fix error message formatting
      Fix line-too-long style errors
      Report missing source files with context of target

Clinton Stimpson (10):
      Fix performance issue with getting version from zlib.h
      Fix bug 10418 – GetPrerequisites returning “not” as a dependency.
      Fix regression in 5e6634fd77969433a87c150a2fb3f2079131484f for Windows.
      Change Qt4ConfigDependentSettings to use more standard find modules.
      Add cross-compiling support to FindQt4.cmake
      Tweak for cygwin, don’t convert : to ;
      Fix some issues with refinding when qmake executable is changed.
      Find correct Qt plugins for cross-compiling.
      Fix mingw/VS warning message with cross compile re-org.
      Make sure moc parameters file goes in binary directory.

David Cole (20):
      CheckSourceTree test: read UpdateCommand from Update.xml.
      Eliminate -Wconversion warnings.
      Detect CMake warnings and errors in build output.
      Activate retry code on any curl submit failure.
      Add another expected output for the failed submit tests.
      ExternalProject: Use $(MAKE) whenever possible.
      Copy Resources in Frameworks during fixup_bundle (#10020)
      Update path to git. dashmacmini2 was “upgraded.”
      ExternalProject: Remove ‘unknown keyword’ warning (#11034)
      Add documentation for CPACK_PROJECT_CONFIG_FILE.
      Add STEP_TARGETS to ExternalProject module.
      Refine formatting for cmake –help-module output.
      Improve documentation of OPTION command.
      Add FOLDER target property, for IDEs (#3796)
      Avoid adding self as prerequisite. (#10417)
      Correct CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX value for Win64 apps (#9992)
      Preserve timestamps on files on tar extract.
      Use QUIET to avoid Java status messages.
      VS2010: Honor PROJECT_LABEL target property (#10611)
      VS2010: Set IntDir for utility and global targets.

David Genest (1):
      Honor CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE in try_compile (#10902)

Eric NOULARD (20):
      CPackRPM:: Replace – with _ in RPM Version (fix bug 0010934)
      Provides default changelog if no file is provided
      CPackRPM:: Quote every filenames in %file section (see bugs 10701,10871,10345)
      CPackRPM:: [partially] support relocatable package
      CPackDEB:  merge wrong installed size patch. see bugs 10296 (and 10292)
      CPackDeb  optionally generates auto-dependency list part fix of bug 10292
      Proposal for bash-completion support file
      CPack: Refactor API in order to handle multi-file packages
      CPack: Avoid member shadowing after API refactor (part2)
      Improve cmake-completion (install doc, ctest -R completion)
      Add ZIP archive format and LZMA compress support to libarchive-wrapper
      Add XZ compress support to libarchive-wrapper
      Add Compress compress support to libarchive-wrapper
      CPack   Backward-compatibly enforce DESTDIR for DEB and RPM
      CPack   Enable better handling of absolute installed files
      CPackArchiveGenerator  use cmArchiveWrite wrapper
      CPackArchiveGenerator  add component supports
      CPackArchiveGenerator improve usability and robustness
      CPack fix broken compilation for CygwinSource generator
      CPack  handle symlinks in CPACK_INSTALLED_DIRECTORIES fix for bug5430

James Bigler (1):
      Added CUDA 3.2 directory changes.  Disable emulation mode for CUDA 3.1+.

Kai Wasserbäch (1):
      Fix spelling errors reported by Lintian.

Kovarththanan Rajaratnam (4):
      FindZLIB: optimize zlib.h version parsing
      FindCygwin: add new registry entry for Cygwin 1.7 (#10951)
      FindZLIB: use the FPHSA version mode
      FindSubversion: set compatibility variables based on FPHSA()

Marcel Loose (1):
      Issue 10199: Fixed code documentation and now set <prefix>_WC_ROOT

Marcus D. Hanwell (1):
      Bug with default library type of Python modules.

Mathieu Malaterre (3):
      Add missing PATHS to find_path commands to fix openssl searching
      BUG: 0009611 Fix Arch independent FindJNI.cmake on Linux
      Fix 11035 : debug/release library configuration mistake

Michael Wild (2):
      Improve documentation of BundleUtilities.cmake
      Improve documentation of GetPrerequisites.cmake

Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva (7):
      ENH: #9775 Added support for new wxWidgets 2.9 libraries.
      BUG: #9775 Fixed patch FindwxWidgets-fixed-bug-9775.
      BUG #10658: FindwxWidgets USE_FILE should not include .cmake extension.
      STYLE: Clarified/Fixed documentation of UsewxWidgets.
      BUG #11123: Generic include dir should come after config specific one.
      BUG #8184: Fixed FindwxWidgets wrong order of default libs for MinGW.
      ENH #8993: FindwxWidgets add support for wx-config custom options.

Mike McQuaid (1):
      Make bundle items writable before fixup (#9284)

Modestas Vainius (1):
      CTestTestFailedSubmit-xmlrpc: Pass with “Submission problem”

Patrick Gansterer (4):
      VS: Convert PlatformName member to a virtual method
      VS: Add more TargetMachine option values
      VS: Map /ENTRY linker option to EntryPointSymbol
      VS: Add ArchitectureId to VS 8 and 9 generators

Philip Lowman (7):
      Fixes problem finding libraries under Boost (#9510)
      Add detection for new pangommconfig.h header file
      Several fixes needed to improve Windows support
      11041: Improve FindCxxTest to use Python or Perl automatically; custom flags
      10241: FindBISON.cmake clears wrong variable
      10688: FindGTK2.cmake doesn’t auto-detect macports
      Merge patch for detecting gdk-pixbuf library

Pino Toscano (1):
      GNU/Hurd platform support fixes (#9873)

Robert Goulet (1):
      VS2010: Disable PDBs when there is no debug info

Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      clean up some stuff in CPack RPM script
      Set MSVC_VERSION for MSVC 6, 7, 7.1 (#7944)

Todd Gamblin (3):
      Modules: Fix spelling ‘To distributed’ -> ‘To distribute’
      Teach find_* commands to ignore some paths
      Add platform files for BlueGene/P systems

Zach Mullen (12):
      Checksums on CTest submit files, and retry timed out submissions.
      Cross-platform fixes for checksum/retry code
      Fix subscript out of range crash
      CTest should resubmit in the checksum failed case
      Testing for CTest checksum
      Mock checksum failure output for old CDash versions
      Checksum test should use CMAKE_TESTS_CDASH_SERVER
      Fix cycle detection for test dependencies
      More robust cost-based scheduling impl
      Fix hard-coded CDash URI in version query
      Added CTest command –print-labels
      We shouldn’t ask CDash for its version info until/unless we actually need it.

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