CMake 2.8.3-rc4 ready for testing!

November 2, 2010

The CMake 2.8.3 release candidate stream continues! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

EXCEPT: There are not yet Irix or Sun pre-built binary installers available for CMake 2.8.3-rc4. There is a failing (HTML documentation validity checking) test on some platforms that appears to be unrelated to any CMake source code changes. That test failure is preventing the release building process from completing today on those platforms. If that issue clears up soon, I’ll re-do the installers on those platforms. If not, just use rc3, or build from source. We’ll address this before the final release.

This will be the LAST release candidate for 2.8.3 unless a major regression is reported. So please try it on your projects and let us know right away about any problems.

Since we switched to git, and a new workflow, we’re expecting to do more frequent releases. Because of that, our release candidate phases will be shorter than they have been historically. So, if you want to test this out and ask for a fix, do it soon, or hold your peace till the next release!

Following is the list of changes in this release. Since we switched to git, this list is now the ‘git log’ one line summary written by the named CMake developers.

Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

Happy building!


Changes in CMake 2.8.3-rc4 (since 2.8.3-rc3)
Bill Hoffman (1):
      When processing DartMeasurements use the tests working directory.

David Cole (2):
      ExternalProject: No svn –username if empty (#11173)
      Avoid problem reading jni.h on Macs.

David Partyka (5):
      Fixed appending PATH to dumpbin tool from growing without bounds.
      Switch to CMAKE_PATH when doing PATH comparisons on Windows.
      Remove unecessary TO_CMAKE_PATH for gp_cmd_dir.
      Append the gp_tool path to the system PATH using native slashes.
      Fixes to GetPrerequisites for cygwin

Eric NOULARD (1):
      CPackDeb Added several optional debian binary package fields

Marcus D. Hanwell (2):
      ENH: Added case for Python 2.7.
      Fixed parallel build for generators with EXTRA.

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