CMake 2.8.5-rc1 ready for testing!

May 25, 2011

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.5 has entered the release candidate stage! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Following is the list of changes in this release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

Happy building!


Changes in CMake 2.8.5-rc1 (since 2.8.4)
Alex Neundorf (33):
      Rework the way assembler is handled, use the C/CXX compiler by default
      Make it possible to exlude external libs from dot files
      GRAPHVIZ_IGNORE_TARGETS is now a list of regular expressions
      Also generate dependers-graphviz files.
      Fix XML escaping for the project() name in Eclipse projects (#11658)
      Fix XML escaping for target names in Eclipse project files (#11658)
      Add XML escaping for directory name in Eclipse projects (#11658)
      Eclipse projects: created one linked resource for each subproject
      Also add the SOURCES from add_custom_target() to CodeBlocks projects (#11736)
      Add ASM support for the Intel compiler
      Actually use CMAKE_ASM_COMPILER for asm, instead of CMAKE_C_COMPILER
      Add support for ASM for the SunPro compiler
      Add suport for ASM for the IBM XL compiler
      Add support for ASm for the HP compiler.
      Set the HP asm file suffix
      Change the default rules so they fit better to the new ASM handling
      Fix the default CMAKE_ASM_COMPILE_OBJECT, make XL-ASM use it
      Add assemble- and preprocess commands for HP
      The Assembler test now tests ASM for GNU, Intel, HP, XL and SunPro
      Use a regexp instead a lot of ORs for checking the compiler ID
      Only try assembler support for Makefile-based generators
      Fix bad comparison in the detect assembler-code
      It’s ELSEIF(), not ELSIF()
      Add temporary debug output for compiler ID detection for ASM
      Add more regex for gcc, always print the ASM compiler ID
      Add support for the Intel compiler used for ASM under Windows
      -use CMAKE_C_FLAGS when generating the assembler file
      -only enable the asm test for the Intel compiler if we are under UNIX
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Make use_mangled_mesa() available in cmake script mode (#11926)
      Fix parsing include dirs and builtin macros for CXX-only projects
      Don’t skip the last builtin include dir for the Eclipse project file
      -fix VirtualFolders in Eclipse under Windows

Alexey Ozeritsky (1):
      ACML search improvement

Andreas Schneider (6):
      Modules: Added CheckPrototypeDefinition module.
      Tests: Added test for check_prototype_definition.
      FindOpenSSL: Added support for pkg-config.
      FindOpenSSL: We should only use hints to find OpenSSL.
      FindOpenSSL: Fixed crypto und ssl variable names.
      FindOpenSSL: Use find_package_handle_standard_args for version check.

Bill Hoffman (2):
      With very long file names, VS 2010 was unable to compile files.
      Fix for bug where VS2010 did not use .obj files as part of the build.

Brad King (94):
      Reject directory names containing ‘=’ (#11689)
      FindQt4: Include builtin FindPackageHandleStandardArgs directly
      Handle trailing slashes on add_custom_command DEPENDS
      Handle relative WORKING_DIRECTORY in add_custom_(command|target)
      Pass -o after -c for Fortran to avoid mpif77 ordering bug
      Add link flag table entries for VS 7,8,9
      VS: Create a Fortran DLL’s import library directory
      Fix linker flag initialization from LDFLAGS (#11840)
      ccmake: Remove extra parens around comparison
      Avoid direct use of std::stringstream
      Honor module .def files with MinGW tools (#9997)
      CTest: Update Git submodules with –recursive
      libarchive: Remove unused build/windows directory (#11885)
      Pass .def files directly to MinGW tools (#9997)
      Fix Fortran test .def file symbol mangling
      Require at least CMake 2.6.3 to build current CMake
      GNUInstallDirs: Simplify and clarify documentation
      KWSys: Require at least CMake 2.6.3
      Factor AIX and XL compiler flags into common module
      Move RPATH flags to AIX per-compiler information files
      Initialize ASM rpath flags for executables with those for shared libs
      Add ASM platform information for XL compiler on AIX
      Factor HP compiler flags into per-platform/per-compiler files
      Add ASM platform information for HP compiler on HP
      Add target property LINK_SEARCH_START_STATIC to aid static linking
      Test static linking with LINK_SEARCH_START_STATIC
      Fix Assembler test to parse C flags string before using
      Teach Assembler test to generate main.s at build time
      Do not bother enabling C++ in Assembler test
      The link interface of MODULE libraries is empty (#11945)
      CTest: Do not fail with submodules and Git <
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Add parens in cmTarget::ComputeLinkInterface logic
      Validate custom command arguments (#11963)
      Factor old-style -D flags out from -I flag generation
      FindMPI: Fix documentation formatting
      Generate target-wide flags before individual build rules
      Optionally pass include directories with response files
      Pass include directories with response files to GNU on Windows
      Enable Java test more carefully on Apple
      Disable Java test with Xcode generator
      Allow ‘.’ in target names in generator expressions (#12002)
      GNUInstallDirs: Propagate DATAROOTDIR changes to dependent defaults
      KWSys: Do not trust EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH for ProcessFwd9x encoding
      Refine unused cache variable warning
      Fix unused cache warning after multiple configure iterations
      FortranCInterface: Fix mangling detection with Cray Fortran >= 7.3.2
      Fix typo in include_directories documentation (#12020)
      KWSys: Recognize rxvt-unicode-256color terminal (#12013)
      Normalize slashes of add_custom_(command|target) DEPENDS (#11973)
      COMP: Fix build against non-standard outside libarchive
      Modules: Add comment and copyright notice validation to readme.txt
      cmArchiveWrite: Clear xattr and acl from entries (#11958)
      find_package: Forward component list for recursive calls in modules
      XL: Set C++ and Fortran flags consistently with C
      XL: Consolidate compiler flag information
      XL: Avoid copying archives into shared libraries that link them
      VS10: Fix working directory of consecutive custom commands (#11938)
      Fix working drive of make rules on Windows
      Change working drive only in MinGW Makefiles
      VS: Use setlocal/endlocal only in VS 10 custom commands
      VS10: Fix exit code of custom commands with setlocal/endlocal (#11938)
      KWSys: Remove unused CheckCXXSourceRuns cmake module
      find_package: Rename implementation of user package registry
      find_package: Cleanup user package registry less aggressively
      find_package: Document user package registry locations
      find_package: Search a “system package registry”
      find_package: Check both 32-bit and 64-bit registry views
      find_package: Test system package registry when possible
      find_package: Fix system package registry test path conversion
      FindITK: Use passthru find_package config mode for messages
      OpenBSD: Use ‘arch -s’ for host processor (#12143)
      Fix case typo in CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE docs (#12148)
      KWSys: Fix leaked FILE in EncodeExecutable error case
      ENH: Fix Intel 12 plugin project generation for VS < 10
      Revert “Honor RULE_MESSAGES property for build target messages” (#12190)
      Fix signed/unsigned comparison in EscapeJSON
      Fix run_compile_commands build on Apple GCC 3.3
      Make std::map usage more portable in language=>flags/defines maps
      Provide std::map<>::at for use in run_compile_commands
      run_compile_commands: Avoid shadow in std::map<>::at workaround
      Improve string(RANDOM) default seed
      run_compile_commands: Avoid extra stl vector conversion
      VS 6: Define _WIN32_WINNT to load wincrypt.h correctly
      run_compile_commands: Cast istream::get() result to char
      Fix CompileCommandOutput test for Make tools not supporting spaces
      Explicitly cast time value in cmSystemTools::RandomSeed
      Fix CompileCommandOutput test build on Windows
      Add Absoft Fortran compiler id and basic flags
      Absoft: Detect implicit link libraries on Linux and Mac
      Absoft: Enable FortranCInterface check in Fortran test
      Document status of output_required_files command (#12214)
      Fix forced-seed argument type in string(RANDOM)

Clement Creusot (2):
      Add new module Armadillo
      Corrected copyright format in FindArmadillo.cmake

Clinton Stimpson (8):
      Change to use fphsa to check required variables and version.
      Fix grouping bug where “Ungrouped Entries” showed up as a child.
      When checking find_package() components, special case qtmain.
      Fix issues with find_path() for QtCore include dir on Mac.  Fixes 11868.
      Fix regression in 43cb9b8.
      Speed up creation of parameters file for moc custom command.
      Combine component packaging methods into an enum.
      Add component support to DragNDrop generator.

David Cole (34):
      ExternalProject Test: Increase test timeout value
      CFBundle Test: Add PATHS for finding Rez (#11295)
      CTest: Mark DART_TESTING_TIMEOUT as advanced (#10150)
      Xcode: Allow override of CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES (#8914)
      Tests: Eliminate unnecessary files and variables.
      VS9: Map enable/disable PREfast flags (#10638)
      Strip trailing space from xcode-select output (#10723)
      CTest: Add alias for make test target (#4564)
      Add CMAKE_SCRIPT_MODE_FILE variable (#2828)
      Add CMAKE_ARGC and CMAKE_ARGV0..N-1 variables (#2828)
      Fix KWStyle line-too-long complaint (#2828)
      Documentation: Sync two differing copies of -E docs (#10446)
      Clarify list subcommand documentation (#8154)
      VS2010: Fixed GenerateManifest flag (#10704)
      VS: Only use /MANIFEST if hasManifest is true (#11216)
      Make file DOWNLOAD less noisy (#11761)
      Begin post-2.8.4 development
      Use stable_sort to preserve test order (#11877)
      Implement file(UPLOAD (#11286)
      Fix KWStyle line too long error (#11286)
      ExternalProject: Extract file names from more urls
      InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Read reg values with get_filename_component
      Add correct module notice header.
      If getconf returns empty output, try cpuinfo. (#11302)
      Add ProcessorCount support for QNX via pidin. (#11302)
      Compare ProcessorCount to SystemInformation count. (#11302)
      ProcessorCount test: more output, do not fail. (#11302)
      ProcessorCount: Add support for remaining platforms (#11302)
      ProcessorCount: Test fails if count is 0 (#11302)
      ProcessorCount: Use ERROR_QUIET with execute_process (#11302)
      ExternalProject: Add SVN_TRUST_CERT argument
      CMake: Clarify the –debug-trycompile help text
      ExternalProject: Always use –non-interactive with svn
      VS10: Write header-only files in correct xml element (#11925)

Eric NOULARD (25):
      CPackRPM  honors all the different ways of packaging components
      CPackRPM  fix IRIX compiler warning (variable never used)
      CPack remove “-ALL” suffix for ALL-IN-ONE packages
      CPack Authorize DISPLAY_NAME usage in component package
      CPack  fix KWStyle warning
      CPack remove previously CPack generated files (if any) before running CPack
      CPackRPM Replace space in some CPACK_ vars (Fix bug 9932)
      CPackRPM  activate CPackRPM test on Linux systems where rpmbuild is found
      CPackArchive package all components specified in CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL
      CPack  more robust way to collect files belonging to a component
      CPackRPM  do not run test if build dir contains space
      CPack  fix compile error on VS70 and avoid KWStyle warnings
      CPackRPM  add more trace output in order to help failing diagnostics
      CPackRPM even more trace in debug mode or in case of failure
      CPackRPM  non matching ENDIF
      CPack try to please SUSE 64 bits and install lib in lib64 and not lib.
      Remove debbuging typo
      CPack fix CPackDeb crash when CPackDeb.cmake ends with a FATAL_ERROR
      CPack fix #11930 and simplifies component packaging options
      Fix #11964 Handle lib64 library on Linux
      Fix KWStyle warnings
      Split CPack.cmake in more manageable parts
      Fix KWStyle warnings
      CPackRPM  Fix #12096: handle absolute install path with component install
      CPack  make RPM work on AIX. fix #0012183 merge patch from Pasi Valminen

James Bigler (1):
      Add FloatingPointModel to the list of known VS7 generator flags.

Johan Björk (1):
      XCode: Also qoute [] as needed to set build-configurations.

Kovarththanan Rajaratnam (1):
      Documentation: document platform specific -E commands (#10446)

M. Konrad (1):
      CPackDeb  add Component Support to DEB generator fix #0011655

Manuel Klimek (6):
      refactor flags and defines
      cache flags and defines
      implement cxx command output
      make compile command output optional
      Adds a test for the compile command line output.
      Only offer the compile command output feature on unix systems

Marco Craveiro (1):
      CTest: Use the gcov –preserve-paths flag (#11717)

Markus Rathgeb (1):
      When cross compiling, don’t double-root paths when using find_*.

Martin Konrad (2):
      CPackDeb: Fix #12006 broken package names
      CPackDeb: Handle dirs for CONTROL_EXTRA correctly when packaging components

Mathieu Malaterre (8):
      This commit fixes bug #0010316
      Add a new function SWIG_GET_WRAPPER_DEPENDENCIES to UseSWIG.cmake
      Add support for Java on HP
      Add support for java on fedora
      UseSWIG.cmake does not expand $(OutDir)
      Add support for new swig 2.0 application
      UseSWIG.cmake did not support multiple modules and parallel builds
      Add support for FindJava on HP-UX and alpha

Michael Wild (1):
      Add module ProcessorCount.cmake (#11302)

Modestas Vainius (1):
      Documentation: Fix a few typos (#11883)

Nikita Krupen’ko (1):
      Add GNUInstallDirs module to define GNU layout (#3976)

Philip Lowman (1):
      VS7/8/9: Map whole program optimization flags (#10263)

Richard Bateman (1):
      Add support for CFBundle targets on the Mac (#11295)

Rolf Eike Beer (2):
      CTest: catch warning output of Apache Maven
      FindZLIB: print library instead of include directory

Sean McBride (1):
      Removed most usage of Carbon in favour of CoreFoundation

Sebastian Herbst (2):
      VS8/9: Add flag map entries for /Zc:wchar_t (#10397)
      VS7/8/9: Add flag map for string pooling option (#10397)

Tim Hütz (1):
      Add a string(FIND) sub-command (#11795)

Todd Gamblin (2):
      FindMPI: Handle multiple languages
      Added backward compatibility for input as well as output vars.

Wesley Turner (1):
      Ensure executable files have executable permissions.

Zach Mullen (5):
      Implement ctest_upload command
      Change ‘Files’ tag to ‘Upload’ in Upload.xml
      Don’t tar/gz ctest_upload() files
      Add the FILES keyword to ctest_upload command
      cmCTestUploadCommand::CheckArgumentKeyword should return false if not FILES

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