CMake 2.8.5-rc2 ready for testing!

June 15, 2011

The CMake 2.8.5 release candidate stream continues! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Since we switched to git, and a new workflow, we’re expecting to do more frequent releases. Because of that, our release candidate phases will be shorter than they have been historically. So, if you want to test this out and ask for a fix, do it soon, or hold your peace till the next release! I expect we will finalize the 2.8.5 release within the next week.

Following is the list of changes in this release. Since we switched to git, this list is now the ‘git log’ one line summary written by the named CMake developers.

Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

Happy building!

Changes in CMake 2.8.5-rc2 (since 2.8.5-rc1)
Bill Hoffman (6):
      Fix a memory leak.
      Fix for bug#10798.  VS10 did not append -I flags with COMPILE_FLAGS prop.
      Append and do not clobber CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in the test.
      Use bin tree for inclues to avoid -I with spaces in the path.
      One more try.  Use full path by default, and relative on broken compilers.
      Fix for bug #11927, external project git clone step always runs vs10.

Brad King (9):
      XL: Place Fortran modules with -qmoddir= flag (#12246)
      Teach file(DOWNLOAD|UPLOAD) to timeout after inactivity
      Xcode: Fix parallel build depends with universal binaries (#11844)
      Fix style errors added by parent and grandparent
      Use cascading-if for per-config test and install code
      CTest: Report tests not run due to unknown configuration
      GNU: Fix CMAKE_INCLUDE_SYSTEM_FLAG_<lang> value (#12258)
      Teach find_(library|package) about Linux multiarch (#12037)
      Test find_package multiarch support (#12037)

Clinton Stimpson (11):
      BundleUtilities: Work w/ non .app exes on Mac (#12034)
      BundleUtilities: Fix regex to extract dependents from ldd (#12034)
      BundleUtilities: Fix test when using xcode (#12034)
      BundleUtilities: Fix issues with custom target DEPENDS in test (#12034)
      BundleUtilities: Disable running test on Windows unless using MSVC.
      BundleUtilities: Run test on Windows if either MSVC or dumpbin was found.
      BundleUtilities: Print reason for not loading
      BundleUtilities: Add rpath to loadable modules in test.
      Revert “BundleUtilities: Run test on Windows if either MSVC or dumpbin was found.”
      Qt4: complete module dependencies in UseQt4.cmake
      Add imported targets support for frameworks on Mac.

Daniel R. Gomez (1):
      Fix plugin API for gcc 2.9-aix51-020209 (#12233)

David Cole (3):
      BundleUtilities: Avoid a cryptic and unhelpful error message
      BundleUtilities: Avoid test on Watcom dashboards (#12034)
      CMake: eliminate use of cvs in the Release scripts

Eric NOULARD (2):
      CPackRPM: Enhance documentation
      Add some more Specs file tag handling.

Johan Björk (3):
      CMake: Move tokenize to cmSystemTools
      Xcode: Support multiple level nesting of XCode folders (#10039)
      XCode: Support target folders on XCode.

Modestas Vainius (1):
      multiarch: Set CMAKE_LIBRARY_ARCHITECTURE_REGEX for Linux|Hurd|kFreeBSD

Philip Lowman (3):
      FindProtobuf: Better MSVC support, Searching for protobuf lite
      Fix , to – in Copyright message so it passes CMake.ModuleNotices test
      10997: PROTOBUF_GENERATE_CPP now supports proto files outside current dir

Rolf Eike Beer (1):
      CMake: Update documentation of STRING(SUBSTRING) for length -1 (#10740)

Sean McBride (1):
      Fix XCode -> Xcode typos, notably in man page (#12231)

Tim Gallagher (1):
      Modified the FindHDF5.cmake file to locate the Fortran bindings.

Will Dicharry (7):
      HDF5 high level library is a find COMPONENT now.
      Add logic for CMake built HDF5 install.
      Use CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR to locate FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.
      Use HDF5_FOUND to control autoconf and CMake built FindHDF5.
      Fix for bug 11752, mixed debug and release libraries.
      FindHDF5 ensures good link lines when libraries are duplicated.
      Remove unnecessary mark_as_advanced from FindHDF5.

Zach Mullen (3):
      Dynamic analysis test output should not be compressed.
      We will actually compress memcheck output if the server supports it.
      Fix type conversion warning

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