CMake 2.8.8-rc1 ready for testing!

March 23, 2012

I am happy to announce that CMake 2.8.8 has entered the release candidate stage!

You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • per target include directories via the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property
  • new Ninja generator on Linux
  • CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: build MSVC compatible dlls with MinGW gfortran
  • CMakePackageConfigHelpers: an easy way to generate a package config file for your package

(do not write a new Find module, provide a package config file)

  • various find_package improvements: MODULE mode, clearer error messages
  • support for Xcode 4.3 (which has a new default location, and a new directory structure)
  • update libarchive to newer upstream version: “libarchive 3.0.2-r4051 (reduced)”
  • new OBJECT_LIBRARY target type, CMake flavored “convenience libraries”
  • compiler version number is now available in CMake variables
  • major Find module clean up effort: consistent use of FIND_PACKAGE_HANDLE_STANDARD_ARGS, add version number variables
  • much improved CPack documentation, see “cpack –help-command” and “cpack –help-variable”
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the last release. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.






Changes in CMake 2.8.8-rc1 (since 2.8.7)
Aaron C. Meadows (1):
Visual Studio: Allow setting Single Byte Character Set (#12189)

Alex Neundorf (34):
GNUInstallDirs: add support for Debian multiarch
FindRuby: fix usage of RUBY_VERSION_MAJOR (#12172)
FindRuby: add more possible library names (for ubuntu, #12172)
FindRuby.cmake: add more debug output
fix FeatureSummary for REQUIRED packages, they were reported as OPTIONAL
FindGetText: fix multiple targets with the same name problem (CMP0002)
fix #6976: FindX11 also searches for X11_Xxf86vm_LIB
GenerateExportHeader: use double quotes around _gcc_version
-remove trailing whitespace
-don't pull in CheckTypeSize.cmake from the cmake which is being built
bootstrap: move while() and endwhile() into the bootstrap build
Check*.cmake: Expand imported targets in CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES
find_package: print error if an invalid CONFIGS name is used
find_package: rename NoModule to UseFindModules
find_package: improve error message when no Find module is present
find_package: add MODULE mode to use only Find-modules
find_package: add CONFIG mode keyword alias for NO_MODULE
find_package: mention requested version number in error message
add CMakePackageConfigHelpers: configure_package_config_file()
wrap write_basic_config_version_file as write_basic_package_version_file()
find_package: error out if REQUIRED Config has not been found
write_basic_package_version_file(): improve documentation
write_basic_package_version_file: add ExactVersion mode
WriteBasicConfigVersionFile: add test for ExactVersion mode
find_package: allow <pkg>Config.cmake to set <pkg>_FOUND to FALSE
find_package: add test for setting Foo_FOUND to FALSE in a Config file
find_package: additional test for checking the error message
find_package: add OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS keyword
FPHSA(): add missing "]" to documentation
find_package: add documentation for OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS
add macro check_required_components() to configure_package_config_file()
Eclipse: fix #13036, make version detection work with symlinks
guard eCos.cmake against multiple inclusion (#12987)

Alexandru Ciobanu (2):
CTest: Detect Xcode error "Command ... failed with exit code"
CTest: Match valgrind errors with "points to" (#12922)

Alexey Ozeritsky (1):
FindBLAS/FindLAPACK: Work with MKL version 10.3 (#12924, #12925)

Artur Kedzierski (1):
Add CURL_CA_BUNDLE option for SSL support (#12946)

Bill Hoffman (12):
Add CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory to use MinGW gfortran in VS
VSGNUFortran: Add special case for SunPro Fortran runtime library
VSGNUFortran: Disable test in special cases
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Make IMPORTED targets GLOBAL
Use upgraded qt on linux build machine.
Teach CTest what a ninja error looks like.
Allow two cmake_add_fortran_subdirectory calls in the same project.
Add ability to include a file in a project via a cache variable.
Fix typo in error message, and remove redundent test.
Ninja: Add a cache option CMAKE_ENABLE_NINJA to enable the ninja generator.
Ninja: Fix for PDB files with spaces in the path.
Fix FindMPI for the intel compiler on linux by looking in implict directories.

Bjoern Ricks (1):
Fix crash if app bundle executeable couldn't be found

Brad King (138):
CheckCCompilerFlag: Generalize "but not for C" case (#12633)
complex: Remove ancient unused ComplexRelativePaths test
complex: Sync Tests/ComplexOneConfig with Tests/Complex
complex: Remove dynamic loader tests
complex: Move GeneratedFileStream test to CMakeLibTests
complex: Simplify test for single-character exe name
complex: Move cmSystemTools::UpperCase test to CMakeLibTests
complex: Remove test dependence on cmSystemTools
complex: Remove unused option to test CMakeLib
Intel: Fix Windows per-config Fortran flags (#12642)
libarchive: Remove our copy to make room for new import
libarchive: Add .gitattributes for indentation with tab
libarchive: Add README-CMake.txt
libarchive: Do not build subdirectories not in reduced snapshot
libarchive: Remove -Wall -Werror from build with GNU
libarchive: Build one static cmlibarchive for CMake
libarchive: Include cm_zlib.h to get zlib used by CMake
Handle libarchive API change in archive_read_data_block
Configure libarchive build within CMake
libarchive: Install COPYING with CMake documentation
libarchive: Port to OSF operating system
libarchive: Fix typo in CheckFileOffsetBits
libarchive: Implement custom lseek for Borland
libarchive: Declare mbstate_t and wcrtomb for Borland
libarchive: Cast constants to int64_t instead of using LL suffix
libarchive: Workaround case-insensitive symbols on Borland
libarchive: Clean up configuration within CMake build
libarchive: Cast mode constants to mode_t in case it is signed
libarchive: Fix Windows NT API usage in VS 6
libarchive: Suppress compiler warnings
libarchive: Fix var decl after statement in archive_string.c
libarchive: Do not use ST_NOATIME if not defined
libarchive: Check for 'struct statvfs' member 'f_iosize'
libarchive: Do not use MNT_NOATIME if not defined
libarchive: Use Apple copyfile.h API only if available
libarchive: Remove hard-coded build configuration
libarchive: Cleanup after ZLIB_WINAPI check
libarchive: Define _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 on HP-UX
libarchive: Include linux/types.h before linux/fiemap.h
libarchive: Rename isoent_rr_move_dir parameter isoent => curent
libarchive: Suppress PathScale compiler warnings
libarchive: Avoid bogus conversion warning from PGI compiler
libarchive: Set .gitattributes to allow trailing whitespace
libarchive: Update README-CMake.txt for new snapshot
libarchive: Restore CMake 2.6.3 as minimum version
bootstrap: Update copyright year in version report
bootstrap: Re-implement command line option processing
bootstrap: Forward options after '--' to cmake
VS10: Fix /pdb option vcxproj element name (#12328)
Add framework to detect compiler version with its id (#12408)
Detect GNU compiler version with its id (#6251)
Detect MSVC compiler version with its id
Detect Intel compiler version with its id (#11937)
Detect Borland compiler version with its id
Detect IBM XL compiler version with its id
Detect PGI compiler version with its id
Detect Clang compiler version with its id
Detect Watcom compiler version with its id
Detect SunPro compiler version with its id
Detect HP compiler version with its id
Document compiler version macro formats used for detection
Detect SGI MIPSpro compiler version with its id
ExternalProject: Fix git.cmd version detection
ExternalProject: Update copyright year
Include bzlib.h consistently across CMake build (#10950)
FindMPI: Append MPI C++ library correctly in non-compiler case (#12874)
Add infrastructure for CMake-only tests
Tolerate cycles in shared library link interfaces (#12647)
cmInstallCommand: Fix line length for style
cmake-mode.el: Indent after multiline argument (#12908)
Clarify IMPORTED_ target property documentation
Optionally allow IMPORTED targets to be globally visible
Add test covering imported target scope rules
VS: Simplify ;-separated attribute value parsing
Fix CXX/Fortran MODULE flags when enabled before C (#12929)
Remove unused test code
Allow directory names containing '=' and warn if necessary (#12934)
Add CheckLanguage module
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Allow full paths to directories
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Fix documentation format and typos
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Find gfortran in PATH
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Validate gfortran architecture
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Always parse arguments
CMakeAddFortranSubdirectory: Add NO_EXTERNAL_INSTALL option
libarchive: Workaround mbsnrtowcs assertion failure on old glibc
Recognize OpenBSD versioned .so names (#12954)
try_compile: Use random executable file name (#12957)
Rename Modules/Platform/Windows-{Borland => Embarcadero}.cmake
Recognize Embarcadero compiler (#12604)
Factor cmInstallType out of cmTarget::TargetType
Add infrastructure for CMakeCommands tests
find_package: Reject mixed use of MODULE- and CONFIG-only options
find_package: Optionally warn when implicitly using Config mode
find_package: Test error and warning messages in failure cases
bootstrap: Convert MSYS paths to Windows format (#13001)
CTest.UpdateHG: Fix repo URL for local filesystem (#13001)
cmcurl: Do not hard-coded Windows check results for MinGW (#13001)
CheckSourceTree: Remove CVS checkout support (#13001)
Fix MSYS CVS local test repo path format (#13001)
find_package: Test that REQUIRED aborts processing correctly
Remove unused partial OBJECT_FILES property implementation
VS: Simplify object name computation
Hide Makefile local object info inside local generator
KWIML: Make test_INT robust to #define-d int#_t and INT#_C
Add stronger infrastructure for CMake-only tests
Use generalized RunCMake test infrastrucure for find_package test
Use generalized RunCMake test infrastrucure for build_command test
Document Fortran_MODULE_DIRECTORY as OUTPUT only (#13034)
Ninja: Constify use of cmCustomCommand
Ninja: Avoid using 'this' in member initializers
Write CMakeCache.txt atomically (#13040)
Add cmGeneratorTarget to represent a target during generation
Create a cmGeneratorTarget for each cmTarget during generation
Simplify cmMakefileTargetGenerator using cmGeneratorTarget
Simplify cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator using cmGeneratorTarget
Pre-compute object file names before Makefile generation
Pre-compute object file names before VS project generation
Remove unused cmSourceGroup method
Rename/constify build-time config placeholder lookup
Pre-compute and store target object directory in cmGeneratorTarget
Add OBJECT_LIBRARY target type
Build object library targets in Makefiles
Build object library targets in VS
Add $<TARGET_OBJECTS:...> expression to use an object library
Test OBJECT library success cases
Test OBJECT library failure cases
Test OBJECT library language propagation
Test OBJECT library use without other sources
Document OBJECT library type in add_library command
Simplify cmNinjaTargetGenerator using cmGeneratorTarget
Pre-compute object file names before Ninja generation
Build object library targets in Ninja
Ninja: Honor $<TARGET_OBJECTS:...> source expressions
find_package: Test rejection of required+optional components
Simplify cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator source classification
VS10: Fix external objects generated outside target (#13047)
Fix ObjectLibrary test on Watcom
KWIML: Avoid conflict with C++11 user-defined literals

Christian Andersson (1):
FindPythonLibs: Search for single-user installs on Windows

Christopher Sean Morrison (1):
cmake-mode.el: Make indentation case-insensitive (#12995)

Clinton Stimpson (14):
GetPrerequisites: Add support for @rpath on Mac OS X.
GetPrerequisites: Add support for @rpath on Mac OS X.
GetPrerequisites: Add test for @rpath support.
Fix new BundleUtilities test failure on Mac 10.4.x
Fix BundleUtilities test failure with space in build path.
cmake-gui: Improve interrupt granularity to fix bug 12649.
FindQt4: clarify warning message about incorrect Qt installation.
FindQt4: Add include directories for lupdate.
Fix paths/hints for finding qtmain.
DragNDrop: Fix problem with relocated files in Xcode 4.3
Add test for DeployQt4.cmake
Fix for Qt4Deploy on some test machines.
Remove QtGui dependency in Qt4Deploy test and verify QtSql existance.
DeployQt4: Add path to Qt dlls on Windows.

Daniel Nelson (1):
CPack Add top level directory in component install for Archive Generators

David Cole (33):
Begin post-2.8.7 development
Release: Increase timeout for slow-testing cygwin build
Update dashmacmini2 release script to use Qt 4.6.3
Update dashmacmini2 release script to use Qt 4.8.0
Tests: Update drop site value for the Trilinos contract test
Update version of Qt for dashmacmini5 produced release binaries
CTestCustom: Suppress clang warning on the dashboard
CMake: Eliminate cmMakefile::IncludeDirectories
Remove cmMakefile::GetIncludeDirectories
Make search paths ordered and unique
Call ExpandVariablesInString for each target's INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES
Update the documentation regarding INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.
Fix compiler error reported on older Borland dashboard.
Fix compiler warning reported on older Borland dashboard.
Fix shadowed variable warning on dashboard results
Remove trailing white space
Use correct "requires" line in cygwin setup hint file
VS6: Avoid _MBCS define when _SBCS is defined (#12189)
VS6: Avoid SBCS test on VS6 (#12189)
Suppress warnings occurring on the dashboards using the PGI compiler.
CPack: Fix retry logic when calls to hdiutil fail
Ninja: CMake: Adapt Ninja generator for per-target include dirs
Ninja: Add friend struct so it can access the private ConvertToNinjaPath.
Xcode: Detect new default locations of Xcode 4.3 bits and pieces (#12621)
CPack: Use real path to PackageMaker to find its version file (#12621)
Xcode: Re-factor code into GetObjectsNormalDirectory method
Xcode: Re-factor some existing methods into "FromPath" variants
Add a default source group for object files.
Allow txt files as ExtraSources in object library targets
Pre-compute object file names before Xcode generation
Build object library targets in Xcode
Xcode: Honor $<TARGET_OBJECTS:...> source expressions
Tests: Relax restrictions on version variable contents

Deborah Pickett (1):
CPackRPM flag direcories with %dir in the generated spec file

Droscy (1):
FindCxxTest: Add support for CxxTest 4 (#13022)

Eric NOULARD (41):
Document undocumented (but existing) cpack options (fix #0010134)
Enhance bash completion file for cmake and ctest
Do not add the content of a file if it's a symlink.
CPackArchive restore default behavior and provide new variable.
CPackNSIS fix #0012935 switch from LOG_WARNING to avoid final error.
CPack begin the implementation of --help-command* and --help-variables*
Implement simple CMake script comment markup language.
CPack Documentation extraction from CMake script begins to work
Update bash completion file in order to handle new CPack doc options.
Suppress unused var, beautify code, avoid 1 extra newline.
Fix potential bad memory access, thanks to Eike
Calm down compiler warning about unused var
Really avoid compiler warning about unused vars
Fix another compiler warning due to a typo
Make the load of script documentation more efficient and dynamic.
Example of builtin variable documentation (i.e. only used in C++ source code).
Add missing section markup for CPackComponent
Create getDocumentedModulesListInDir which may be used in other context.
Fix non existent std::string::clear on VS6
Avoid discovering system infos for documentation. Adding some path is enough.
Dynamically add documentation section specified in documented script.
Add structured documentation for NSIS
Add structure documentation for CPack Bundle generator
Suppress unecessary (now empty) doc sections
Correct copy/paste section name mistake
Put CPack DMG and PackageMaker doc in separate files
More documentation concerning CPack Components
Fix typo in end markup
Try to fix compile error on Win32-vs70
Do not build RPM if path of the build tree contains space
Fix layout of the CPack Bundle documentation
Fix CPack Drag and Drop generator documentation layout.
Review and update CPack variable documentation.
Update CPackConfig template.
Provide template for CPack Cygwin generator specific variables.
Update CPack PackageMaker variable doc layout
Typo: Add missing ##end for ##module
Fix some typos in CPACK_SET_DESTDIR doc
Add some missing CPACK_NSIS_xxx doc and move some to common CPack section.
CPack STGZ put execute permission on all packages files (component case)
Handle CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL in some rare use cases.

Eugene Golushkov (1):
VS: Add support for WinRT project properties (#12930)

James Bigler (1):
Added support for curand, cusparse, npp, nvcuenc and nvcuvid libraries.

Jason Erb (1):
FindwxWidgets: Add webview library (#12636)

LibArchive Upstream (2):
libarchive 3.0.1-r3950 (reduced)
libarchive 3.0.2-r4051 (reduced)

Matthias Kretz (1):
Improve checks for Open64 and g++ incompatible flags (#12119)

Mattias Helsing (1):
CPack: Fix NSIS handling of privileged users (#12923)

Michael Wild (1):
GenerateExportHeader: Fix wrong use of IS_ABSOLUTE (#12645)

Mike McQuaid (5):
Don't use QT_LIBRARIES_PLUGINS by default.
Fix mismatched arguments.
Fix bad plugin paths.
Ensure libs are passed to BundleUtilities.
Fix plugin installation issues.

Modestas Vainius (3):
various typo and formatting fixes in manual pages (#12975)
KWIML: Teach ABI.h that MIPS is biendian
Tests: Escape metachars before embedding paths into the regex (#12999)

Nicolas Despres (5):
ccmake: Factor clear line.
ccmake: Extend clear line.
java: Factor jar output path.
java: Add CMAKE_JAVA_TARGET_OUTPUT_DIR optional variable.
java: Add CMAKE_JAVA_JAR_ENTRY_POINT optional variable.

Peter Collingbourne (19):
Add cmSystemTools::TrimWhitespace function
Add executable with exports flag support to cmLocalGenerator::GetTargetFlags
Provide dependency file flags to generator
Ninja: Add the Ninja generator
Ninja: Fix a 79-col violation
Ninja: Remove some default arguments
Ninja: Appease various compilers
Ninja: Partially revert "win fixes: escape back slash/colon, use cd. as cmd.exe nop"
Ninja: Identifier encoding rules for ' ' and ':'
Ninja: Backslash rules for Windows
Ninja: Shell encode paths used in "cd" commands
Ninja: Shell encode various CMake invocations
Ninja: Shell encode the command used in custom commands
Ninja: Import library support for Windows
Ninja: Add a missed license header
Ninja: Use cmSystemTools::ExpandListArgument to split compile/link commands
Ninja: Remove an unnecessary variable
Ninja: add support for OBJECT_OUTPUTS, fix PrecompiledHeader test case
Ninja: shell escape $(CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR) and $(CMAKE_BINARY_DIR)

Peter Kuemmel (12):
Find VC Express during default generator selection (#12917)
Ninja: win fixes: escape back slash/colon, use cd. as cmd.exe nop
Ninja: don't define MSVC_IDE when using the ninja generator
Ninja: also build ninja support on Windows
Ninja: add some hacks for Windows
Ninja: disable unfinished Windows ninja support
Ninja: mark the Windows specific hacks with a comment only
Ninja: windows msvc: create for each target a .pdb file
Ninja: ensure the output dir exists at compile time
Ninja: add .def file support
Ninja: add /DEF: flag to linker call
Ninja: Fix <OBJECT_DIR> substitution

Philip Lowman (5):
FindProtobuf: Merge patch that allows extra import dirs
FindProtobuf: Update documentation comment for 2.8.8
Findosg: New modules for osgQt and osgPresentation
FindALSA: Fix incorrect include path detection
FindALSA: Fix version detection after last commit

Rolf Eike Beer (95):
remove reference to CVS directory when installing files
CheckSymbolExists: force the compiler to keep the referenced symbol
add a test for Check{,CXX}SymbolExists
FindOpenSSL: improve version number handling
FindOpenSSL: only try to parse opensslv.h if it exists
FindOpenSSL: also parse version number define with uppercase letters
GenerateExportHeader test: add newlines before end of file
add a test that loops through most Find* modules
AllFindModules test: keep complete output
AllFindModules test: also check Qt3 modules if Qt4 is not found
FindPythonInterp: make version selectable
FindPythonInterp: fix version parsing
LoadCommand test: cleanup
FindThreads: Try pthreads with no special option first (#11333)
fix uninitialized var in if(NOT foo bar STREQUAL "foo bar")
use pkg_check_modules() quiet in other modules
FindLibXml2: support version selection
FindGnuTLS: partly support version selection
FindGit: support version number
FindCups: major overhaul
FindEXPAT: support version number
FindCURL: support version selection
FindFLEX: fix version parsing for old flex versions
FindFLEX: fix version parsing when the executable is quoted
FindJasper: find debug libraries
FindJasper: support version number
FindBZip2: add support for version checking
FindBZip2: add support for debug libraries (#12867)
FindImageMagick: make use of more FPHSA features
FindPNG: support version selection
FindRuby: do not blindly set version to 1.8.0
FindTclsh: support version selection
SelectLibraryConfigurations: do not output identical configurations
FindLua51: add version support
FindTIFF: support version selection
FindCURL: detect version number also for older versions
FindLibXml2: detect version when PkgConfig is not used
FindPostgreSQL: support version selection
FindOpenSSL: properly parse the hex version components
FindBISON: add a version expression for GNU Bison 1.x
FindPythonInterp: try harder to get a version number
FindJasper: fix library name
FindGnuplot: add version selection
FindALSA: support version selection
FindGettext: support version selection
CheckCXXCompilerFlag test: make it a CMakeOnly test
CMakeOnly.AllFindModules: clean up the Qt3/Qt4 code
CMakeOnly.AllFindModules: always check FindQt
CMakeOnly.AllFindModules: suppress two modules from testing
CMakeOnly.AllFindModules: require version for some modules
CheckIncludeFiles: fix status output
FindPerl{,Libs}: move version detection into FindPerl
FindLibArchive: support version selection
FindX11: also search for Xmu (#12447)
detect "pgfortran" as PGI Fortran compiler (#12425)
FindSDL*: use FPHSA (#12467)
AllFindModules test: do not enforce GNUPLOT version
FindPerlLibs: properly detect libperl on Windows (#12224)
CTest: mark all gcov covered files as covered
FindGLUT: honor REQUIRED (#12466)
FindRuby: clean up querying variables from Ruby
FindLibXslt: support version selection
Tests: document where to put tests
FindPkgConfig: support version selection of pkg-config itself
fix the same typos as found by Debian in other places, too
Find_library(): allow searching for versioned shared objects
FindFreetype: support version selection
AllFindModules test: expect more modules to have a version number available
FindOpenMP: do not fail if only C or CXX is enabled (#11910)
FindOpenMP: try the most likely flags first
FindOpenMP: simplify check for enabled languages
UseSWIG: clean up string compares
FindPython{Interp,Libs}: document Python_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS as input
FindPythonLibs: make the version selection work as for PythonInterp
FindPythonLibs: get the exact version of the found library (#3080)
FindPythonLibs: put debug libraries into PYTHON_LIBRARIES
FindPythonLibs: stop scanning when libraries are found
Check{C,CXX}CompilerFlag: detect ICC error messages
GenerateExportHeader: remove unneeded code
GenerateExportHeader: improve compiler identification
FindOpenSceneGraph: give every message() with an explicit level
FindImageMagick: fix fail if no components were given
FindPythonInterp: rework the version detection
document when version detection will not work
AllFindModules test: once again expand version checking
improve error message on a stray "endwhile()"
add testcases for while()/endwhile() errors
reflect that the QtAutomoc depends on QtGui
FindQt3: fix warning when Qt3 is not found
FindQt3: fix version extraction for versions with letters
FindQt3: let FPHSA handle the version selection
FindQt3: fix detection of Qt3 include directory
AllFindModules test: do not require TCLSH version
add test for get_property() errors

Stephen Kelly (13):
Fix typos arguement -> argument.
Exit the loop when we have determined the language.
Add whitespace after '.' in CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH docs.
Fix documented function signature to match reality.
Add default initializers for WIN32_EXECUTABLE and MACOSX_BUNDLE
Add an option to skip RPATH during installation.
Refactor GetIncludeFlags to take includes instead of fetching them
Make it safe to call this method without creating duplicates.
Remove include flags memoization.
Add API to get the ordered includes for a target.
Keep the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property up to date.
Extract and use the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target properties.
Fix some typos in the docs comments.

Yury G. Kudryashov (23):
FindDoxygen: add DOXYGEN_VERSION variable
cmInstallCommand: Fix indentation error
cmInstallCommand: Remove duplicated sentence from docs
FindPkgConfig: respect REQUIRED (#12620)
FindPackageHandleStandardArgs: fix documentation
Remove unused file cmake.1
Fix typo in documentation
Drop if(...) check because condition is always true
CMakeFindPackageMode: fix 32/64bit detection if 'file' is a symlink
Run vim spellcheck on some files
cmPropertyDefinition::IsChained is const
Add 'const' qualifier to some cmCommand members
doxygen: cmPropertyDefinition
doxygen: Improve API docs of GetRealDependency
doxygen: Use proper syntax to document enum
doxygen: Small fixes in cmake.h apidocs
doxygen: fix some comments in cmPolicies.h
doxygen: remove a few comments
doxygen: review cmake.h
doxygen: MathCommand is not about string operators
Rename UsedCommands to FinalPassCommands
Remove UnionsAvailable member from 2 classes
Remove cmExprParserHelper::SetLineFile()

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