CMake 2.8.9-rc2 ready for testing!

July 16, 2012

The CMake 2.8.9 release candidate stream continues! You can find the source and binaries here:;O=D

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

  • the new Ninja generator is now enabled by default on Windows
  • added POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE target property, automatically adds -fPIC and -fPIE for compilers that require it
  • added MUMPS coverage support to ctest, including GTM and Cache
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

The bug tracker change log page for this version is at:

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the first rc. Please try this version of CMake on your projects and report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.





Changes in CMake 2.8.9-rc2 (since 2.8.9-rc1)
Alex Neundorf (4):
-remove trailing whitespace
documentation: preparation for making the man section configurable
man documentation: detect man section from the given filename
Eclipse: fix #13313, always set LANG to C, also if unset

Bill Hoffman (1):
Remove process execution code from cmcldeps and have it use cmake code.

Brad King (12):
KWIML: Generalize interface to report broken integer literal macros
KWIML: Teach ABI.h about 'long long' and 'char' on old HP
KWIML: Teach INT.h that no HP platform implements SCN*8 formats
KWIML: Teach INT about broken UINT32_C on old HP
Fix project command documentation typo (#13384)
CTestUpdateSVN: Do not create repo directory first (#13349)
Tests/CustomCommand: Do not use 'main' in a library
AIX-GNU: Link shared libs with -brtl,-bnoipath (#13352)
include: Ignore empty string as file name (#13388)
Add ASM platform information for GNU compiler on AIX (#13390)
if: Document that macro arguments are not variables (#13393)
install: Fix COMPONENT option

Clinton Stimpson (3):
GetPrerequisites.cmake: detect executables built with the -pie linker flag.
cmake-gui: Fix code to respect current locale.
DeployQt4: workaround bug 13258 where ARGV1 is leaked into a sub function.

David Cole (7):
STYLE: Fix line length, remove extra blank line
CTest: Refactor error output into ErrorMessageUnknownDashDValue
CTest: Rename local variable for clarity
CTest: Extend -D command line arg handling for variable definitions
CTest: Allow -Dvar=value with no space between the D and the var
CTest: Add test to verify -D variable definitions work
Ninja: Fix typo: tagets -> targets

Eric NOULARD (3):
Enhance documentation of install command w.r.t. the "Undefined" component.
CPack fix regression between 2.8.7 and 2.8.8 when running cpack with no arg.
Do not provide defaul value for CPACK_PACKAGE_DIRECTORY if found in config.

Nicolas Despres (1):
Ninja: Clean all symlink created for libraries.

Peter Kuemmel (6):
Ninja: print error message when command failed
Ninja: also consider variables when checking command line length
Ninja: also consider rule command length for rsp file
Ninja: remove int/size_t warning
Ninja: add soname test case
Ninja: don't shadow 'outputs' variable

Peter Kümmel (6):
Ninja: also write link libraries to rsp file
Ninja: remove some unused default arguments
Ninja: error on missing rspfile_content
Ninja: disable work around when linking with mingw
Ninja: enable response file support on Mac (length 262144)
Ninja: sysconf() is declared in unistd.h

Philip Lowman (2):
FindBoost: Fix bug where Boost_FOUND could be false when version specified
FindBoost: Future proof to 1.56

Rolf Eike Beer (2):
FindJava: improve version matching (#12878)
fix 2 space bugs in variable documentation

Stephen Kelly (3):
Use full paths in compile_commands.json for out of source builds.
Construct the full path before escaping it.
Fix PositionIndependentTargets test with clang trunk.

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