CMake 3.0: New Features

June 11, 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of CMake 3.0.0. In CMake 3.0, the CMake language has been extended with *Bracket Argument* and *Bracket Comment* syntax inspired by Lua long bracket, and the CMake documentation has been converted to reStructuredText.

Furthermore, new “CodeLite” and “Kate” extra generators are available for use with the Makefile or Ninja generators. In addition, the “add_library()” command learned a new “INTERFACE” library type, the “export()” command learned a new “EXPORT” mode that retrieves the list of targets to export from an export set configured by the “install(TARGETS)” command “EXPORT” option, and the “project()” command learned to set some version variables to values specified by the new “VERSION” option or to empty strings.

These are just some of CMake 3.0’s several new features. For documentation, visit and for full release notes, visit


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