CMake 3.11.1 available for download

April 17, 2018

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.11.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.11.1 since 3.11.0:

Brad King (5):
      Revert "CheckIncludeFiles: Honor CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES"
      CPack: Fix crash on invalid generator name
      Restore support for explicitly referenced CMakeLists.txt sources
      Exclude "libgcc_eh" library files from implicit link libraries
      CMake 3.11.1

Daniel Filipe (1):
      Features: Record for VS 2017 through 15.6

Kirill Erofeev (2):
      Explicitly require LibUV 1.10 or higher to build CMake
      bootstrap: Add option to enable/disable usage of system libuv

R2RT (1):
      Fix crash with --trace-expand --warn-uninitialized together

Roland Schulz (1):
      FindOpenMP: Fix support for Intel on Windows

Sebastian Holtermann (7):
      Autogen: Protected calls to cmSystemTools::CollapseCombinedPath
      Autogen: Protected calls to cmSystemTools::Split/JoinPath
      Autogen: Protected calls to cmSystemTools::GetFilenameWithoutLastExtension
      Autogen: Protected calls to cmQtAutoGen::SubDirPrefix
      Autogen: Protected calls to cmFilePathChecksum
      Autogen: Use std::istreambuf_iterator for file so string reading
      Autogen: Print moc/uic/rcc output to stdout

3 comments to CMake 3.11.1 available for download

  1. CMake-gui is broken in this release, after generating a project, open project does not become enabled. Visual Studio Generator.

    1. I have been unable to verify this behavior on CMake 3.11.1 when testing on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Do you have more information?

  2. Can CMake create VS projects for Edge NativeMessaging applications? That is to say a UWP project with AppService and DesktopBridge?

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