CMake 3.19.2 available for download

December 16, 2020

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.19.2 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Starting with CMake 3.19.2 Apple ARM is now supported:

  • The “CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR” is selected using “uname -m”. Since this may vary based on CMake’s own architecture and that of
    the invoking process tree, the “CMAKE_APPLE_SILICON_PROCESSOR”
    variable or “CMAKE_APPLE_SILICON_PROCESSOR” environment variable may be set to specify a host architecture explicitly.
  • If “CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES” is not set, CMake adds explicit flags
    to tell the compiler to build for the “CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR” so the toolchain does not have to guess based on the process tree’s architecture.

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.19.2 since 3.19.1:

Adam Weisi (1):
  Compiler/TI: Fix C standard flags in C-only project

Asit Dhal (1):
  execute_process: Improve COMMAND_ERROR_IS_FATAL error capture scenarios

Ben Boeckel (3):
  FindHDF5: improve error messages when a location variable isn't known
  FindHDF5: support the hdf5hl_fortran-based variable names
  FindPython2: avoid doubling the extension in CPython2 SOABI

Brad King (28):
  Tests: Add CMake_TEST_Java option to control Java tests
  Tests: Teach RunCMake to ignore Xcode install_name_tool signature warnings
  gitlab-ci: update macOS jobs to use Xcode 12.2
  Tests: Fix RunCMake.Check* conditions for enabling Fortran
  Check*: Tolerate variables set with names of languages
  Ninja: Clean metadata after regen during build on Windows with 1.10.2+
  ci: update to use ninja 1.10.2
  Tests: Look for Visual Studio only on Windows hosts
  CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Filter IAR-AVR format INFO strings earlier
  CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Add whitespace to clarify logic
  CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Tolerate stray text around INFO strings
  Revert "Intel: Add Intel Clang compiler identification"
  Revert "Intel: Add Intel DPC++ compiler identification"
  Tests: Add cache entry to control XCTest deployment target
  Tests: Remove outdated exclusion of tests on OS X 10.3
  ci: Hard-code XCTest deployment target to 10.15
  Utilities/Release: Add script to build Qt 5.9.9 macOS universal binaries
  ci: update to pre-built Qt 5.9.9 universal binaries for macOS packages
  ci: do not use sccache for macOS packaging
  ci: update macOS package to produce universal binaries
  macOS: Offer control over host architecture on Apple Silicon hosts
  Tests: Cover macOS host architecture selection on Apple Silicon hosts
  cmake: Clear INSTALL file properties between runs
  macOS: Add /opt/homebrew to CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH on Apple Silicon
  Ninja: Remove cleandead on regeneration
  Utilities/Release: Update macOS Qt 5.9 build for platform versioning
  cmake-gui: Restore completion during path editing
  CMake 3.19.2

Craig Scott (4):
  Help: xref variable that cmake_minimum_required() sets
  Help: Mention how OPTIMIZE_DEPENDENCIES is initialized
  Help: Re-sort indexes in the manuals
  Help: Clarify scope details of deferred call ids for cmake_language()

Cristian Adam (1):
  PCH: Fix compiler errors on iOS multi-arch using Ninja Multi-Config

Deniz Bahadir (1):
  export: Do not fail generation for separate namelink only case

Justin LaPolla (1):
  Cray: Fix Cray compiler detection on new platforms

Marc Chevrier (3):
  FPHSA: ensure it can be used outside 'find_package'
  Clang on Windows: 'LINKER:' prefix must be honored
  CMakePackageConfigHelpers: Relax restrictions on version range

Raul Tambre (2):
  CUDA: Fix user-set architectures during detection with Visual Studio
  macOS: Add architecture flags only for native ASM dialect

Robert Maynard (7):
  Modules: Rename Internal/CMake{CheckCompiler => TryCompilerOrLinker}Flag
  ISPC: Ninja properly compute ISPC_HEADER_DIRECTORY location
  ISPC: Handle OBJECT sources in different directories
  Document CMP0112 covers $
  ISPC: Treat system includes as '-I' includes
  FindGLUT: Handle Mojave and Big Sur 'tbd' framework files
  ISPC: Generated Headers suffix configurable with a better default

Sam Freed (1):
  Help: Fix presets typo (longDescription to displayName)

Stephen Kelly (1):
  QNX: Do not disable compiler extensions for CMake itself

Thomas Bernard (2):
  llvm-rc: Force C language for the clang gnu frontend
  llvm-rc: Add CMAKE_VFS_OVERLAY to the preprocessing flags

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