CMake 3.21.1 available for download

July 27, 2021

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.21.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.21.1 since 3.21.0:

Alexey Edelev (2):
  AUTOUIC: Fix cyclic dependency between generated UI headers and timestamp
  AUTOUIC: Fix generating of dependency rules for UI header files

Ben Boeckel (5):
  ci: use CMake 3.21.0
  Help/ctest_memcheck: mention `ctest_test` arguments
  TestDriver: suppress deprecated header lints for time.h
  TestDriver: use `CM_NULL` to avoid lints about `nullptr` usage
  Help/ctest_test: add a comment to also update `ctest_memcheck`

Brad King (29):
  enable_language: Fix test for working compiler with CMP0126 NEW behavior
  VS: Recognize CSharp VS 2019 compiler version v142
  VS: Improve v142 CL flag table LanguageStandard ordering
  VS: Add CSharp VS 2022 compiler version and flag table v143
  VS: Add v143 flag tables for VS 17.0 Preview 2
  VS: Fix `/MANIFESTUAC:` link flag mapping for v143
  VS: Map the link `/debug` flag for v143
  VS: Remove the /MERGE flag from v143 link flag table
  VS: Fix `/analyze:log` flag mapping for v143
  VS: Add `-Zc:inline[-]` flag table entry for v143
  VS: Populate `/Y-` flag table entry for v143
  VS: Populate `-Qspectre-` flag table entry for v143
  VS: Populate `/JMC-` flag table entry for v143
  VS: Remove empty ConformanceMode entry from flag table for v143
  VS: Remove empty LanguageStandard entries from flag table for v143
  VS: Remove empty ExternalWarningLevel entry from flag table for v143
  VS: Remove broken EnableASAN entry from flag table for v143
  VS: Fix `/sourceDependencies` flag table entries for v143
  VS: Update Visual Studio 17 2022 generator for Preview 2
  CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Fix CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_FORMAT in CMP0126 NEW behavior
  try_compile: Propagate CMP0126 to the generated test project
  CMakeDependentOption: Revert "Allow parentheses in the depends string"
  cmMessenger: Revert to non-color messages on Windows
  cmGeneratorExpressionNode: Factor out local variable for global generator
  Swift: Update test case to try CMP0126 NEW behavior
  Ninja Multi-Config: Restore TARGET_OBJECTS support in cross-configs
  VS: Remove cl /FS entry from flag table for v142 and v143
  VS: Remove C++ module CompileAs flag table entries for v142 and v143
  CMake 3.21.1

Craig Scott (10):
  Help: Clarify wording of CMP0124
  Help: Explain policy CMP0125 in more detail
  Help: Make policy CMP0126 wording more accurate
  Help: Fix trivial typo
  Help: Clarify which project() call PROJECT_IS_TOP_LEVEL is for
  Help: Re-order file() sub-commands in Filesystem section
  Help: Expand details for file(COPY_FILE)
  Help: Clarify and correct wording around DEPFILE option
  Help: Improve wording and cross-referencing for ctest JUnit output
  Help: Add cross-references between test output size ctest variables

Jean-Marc Hengen (1):
  IAR: Moved search logic to BinUtils.

Joerg Bornemann (1):
  AutoGen: Fix needless compilation of mocs_compilation.cpp

KWSys Upstream (1):
  KWSys 2021-07-26 (d5fd6ca2)

Kyle Edwards (2):
  CMakePresets.json: Fix expansion issue with empty binaryDir
  Tests: Clean up Ninja Multi-Config test from cb777dd

Lorenzo Cappelletti (3):
  Compiler/IAR: search for both IAR's binaries * and *.exe
  Compiler/IAR: Avoid clobbering CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX
  Help: Document CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX_<LANG> explicitly

Martin Storsjö (1):
  libuv: Fix building with mingw toolchains for ARM/AArch64

Raul Tambre (1):
  GNU: Correct C23 flags

Yauheni Khnykin (1):
  FindXCTest: Fix output directory for test bundle with Xcode 12.5

Đoàn Trần Công Danh (2):
  Tests/CompileOptions: allow CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None
  Add option to explicitly avoid using execinfo for backtraces

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