Coloring Contours in ParaView

July 31, 2013


Before I start, let me mention that several of the components that you see in this article/video are not available in an official ParaView release as I write this. The adventurous few can try the nightly binaries, others should wait for the next release of ParaView (with eager anticipation, I hope!).

What's the fuss about?

In past several people have asked, "how do I color contours and then show a color-legend that shows the colored contour values?". While working on the updating the UI for the color editor, I stumbled upon doing that myself only to realize that it's now quite easy to do!

Check the video out:

ParaView Contours from Kitware on Vimeo.

Notice how:

  • I can add several iso-values by typing text and then hitting the Tab to add a new entry and edit it without any additional clicks.
  • I switch the color map to be a collection of discrete categories which then allows me to add colors for each category.
  • I import the discrete values from the dataset by simply clicking the Add active values button.
  • Then, I choose a preset to assign colors to each of the discrete vales
  • Last but not the least, I show the scalar bar and voila!

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