Cory Quammen

Cory Quammen

Technical Leader

Cory Quammen joined Kitware in the November 2013 as an R&D Engineer. His main area of focus is scientific visualization, and he is a core developer of VTK and ParaView. Cory earned a B.A. in Computer Science from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2002. As an undergraduate, he interned at the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) and NVIDIA Corporation. Cory then worked for two years in large-scale scientific visualization at Network Computing Services, the prime contractor for the AHPCRC at the time. His focus was on developing client/server visualization tools for scientific data that ran on a variety of computing platforms including small Linux clusters, SGI shared-memory computers, and Cray supercomputers. In 2006, Cory earned an M.S. in Computer Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a graduate student, Cory’s research focused on image analysis for fluorescence microscopy. He developed microscope simulation software that ran on GPUs.

Prior to joining Kitware, Cory was a Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2010, he was awarded a contract from the National Library of Medicine to add Deconvolution Algorithms to the Insight Toolkit (award number A10-1515-002) with Principal Investigator Marc Neithammer. In 2011, he joined the Modeling and Data Analysis Initiative (MADAI) team working on Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling software for estimating high-dimensional likelihood distributions for models of scientific phenomena. As part of that work, he created a custom version of ParaView to disseminate visualization algorithms developed by the MADAI visualization group. In addition, he was the software lead for the Virtual Pediatric Airways Workbench (VPAW), a surgical modelling and planning tool for physicians treating pediatric patients with obstructed airways.

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