Kitware is participating in NOAA’s 3rd Annual Workshop on Leveraging AI. Our first presentation ‘Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): From Fish Classification to an Open-Source Toolkit,’ will provide a broad overview of the field of XAI, highlighting common problems and techniques. We will also cover our work on explainable image classification and retrieval applied to fish detection/classification and penguin behavior classification, within the open-source Video and Imagery Analytics for the Marine Environment (VIAME) toolkit developed for NOAA. We will also be introducing the XAI ToolKit (XAITK), a current open-source development effort to collect data, software, and papers from the four-year DARPA XAI program into a common data and software framework. XAITK will contain many XAI capabilities and as well as datasets, papers, and reports that will provide scientific and technical guidance for understanding and deploying AI technology.

We have a second presentation, ‘ADAPT: Drone Payload for Data Collection and Real-Time AI Processing in the Field,’ as well as a poster for ‘Proof-of-concept Demonstrations of the Application of Emerging Technologies into the Environmental Data Stewardship Lifecycle.’

Physical Event