F3D v1.1.0 released, with animation support !

January 7, 2021

F3D, the fast and minimalist open source 3D viewer just released its v1.1.0

Direct Scalars rendering of the SY Carola(Point Cloud) by F3D

If you missed our previous post about F3D and its many features, you can find it here.

As a reminder, F3D is a minimalist, efficient, interactive 3D viewer supporting many file formats (STL, glTF, ply, obj, 3ds, vt*). It has a wide range of features, raytracing, volume rendering, sprites, camera positioning, color map, HDR textures, post fx options, coloring.

All the data used in this blog can be found in our gallery.

In this new version of F3D, you will find many bugfixes and new features. For starters, we now support direct scalars as shown by the cover images of this blog. Direct scalars rendering is a mode where the RGBA color of the points and cells shown are directly set by underlying values on the data, which is the case for many point cloud datasets.

The default interactor have been changed to a turntable one, stepping away from the traditional VTK interactor. Turntable interaction is the standard in most 3D/animation related software.

Last but not least, we added animation support for some file format, especially glTF.

Skinned, morphed and animated glTF file rendered by F3D

This new release can simply be downloaded from our github as a binary package, installed on a few package managers, including brew and the aur or compiled, VTK being its main dependency.

Please, have a look at the documentation and the gallery. Feedbacks and contributions are very welcomed and issues can be freely opened on the GitLab repository.

SY Carola (point cloud) by Scottish Maritime Museum: https://sketchfab.com/ScottishMaritimeMuseum

Gearbox Animation by DZHUSI ØNE: https://sketchfab.com/dzhusione


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