Girder 1.5 Improves Testing, Adds Plug-ins and Widgets

March 21, 2016

The Girder development team recently made version 1.5 available for download.


The improved testing infrastructure featured in the release makes it easier to develop and test downstream external plug-ins. For the OAuth external plug-in, the release established LinkedIn as a provider. The release also added a plug-in for downloading files by their checksums.

Beyond the new plug-in, the release introduced a decorator, known as “filtermodel.” The decorator acts on the return value of a Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint to filter all returned models based on user identity. The release also provided a developer utility method that creates idempotent directories and a user interface (UI) feature that allows administrators to manually create new users.

For web client style checking, the release made the switch to ESLint. The release also launched several new widgets for the core web client in Girder. A new timeline widget displays chronological events and time spans. The jobs plug-in uses this widget to visualize the life cycle of a job. Other new widgets offer capabilities for selecting specific dates and date ranges.

The 1.5 release also contributed support to existing widgets in Girder. The search field widget and backend, for example, now search for resources by prefix.

Girder is an open-source, web-based platform for managing Big Data. It is part of Resonant, an environment for creating end-to-end data and analytics solutions. To learn more about Girder and Resonant, please visit To download the latest Girder release, go to


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