October 11, 2012

Vi Hart is the Mathemusician at Khan Academy,
one of the coolest titles that one can hope for,
and who I highly suspect of being the (n+1)!/n! reincarnation of Hypatia of Alexandria

Vi is celebrating the anniversary of Martin Gardener birthday (October 21st) with a series on Flexagons.

Watching these two videos might be the best 10 minutes that you can spend in your day today.





One has to love Vi’s parody of Richard Feynman pushing Bryant Tuckerman to make a Diagram…!


In this series, Vi Hart is celebrating the tradition of those inspiring people on the interesting and playful aspects of Mathematics, as only she can do.

Vi is following the steps of Martin Gardner who was key to the popularization of mathematical concepts that were out of the main stream. For example, Conway’s Game of Life.

Game of Life

Vi has also interesting thoughts on education and great advice on communications.

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