ITK 3.14 is Now Available for Ubuntu 9.04

June 16, 2009

Thanks to Dr. Paul Novotny ITK 3.14 is now available for Ubuntu 9.04. Dr. Novotny works at the Children’s Hospital in Boston where they are using ITK to prototype a tool for ultrasound-guided heart surgery. His department is pioneering the use of 3D ultrasound techniques to operate on the beating heart. ITK and Python are used to read images and prototype algorithms in order to write custom software for surgeons to implement these surgical techniques.

Currently, Dr. Novotny creates his own test packages and the developers of the Vascular Modeling Toolkit ( who are one of his largest user bases of ITK/Ubuntu packages help test the software. Kitware would like to thank Dr. Novotny for his work on this package. Such volunteer acts allow our toolkits to be more easily adopted by a broad set of users, and we are greatly appreciative of these types of efforts.

If you are interested in installing the ITK 3.14 Ubuntu package please visit: If you are interested in helping Dr. Novotny test ITK Ubuntu packages please contact him via email at


 Paul M. Novotny, PhD is an Associate Scientific Researcher in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Hospital Boston, and an Instructor of Cardiac Surgery at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on real-time image processing of high-data rate medical imaging, such as 4D Ultrasound, and applying these methods to cardiac surgery.

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