ITK 4.12.2 has been released!

September 14, 2017

On behalf of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) Community, we are happy to announce the release of ITK 4.12.2!

ITK is an open-source, cross-platform library for multidimensional image analysis.

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This is a patch release that fixes critical issues, regressions, documentation, and compiler support. This release includes better compatibility when building an application that includes additional NIFTI libraries and also fixes for GPGPU build support. Contributions from the 3D Slicer community improve packaging on macOS.

The release also includes an update to the ITK Software Guide that adds the coding style guide among other updates and additions.

The next feature release, 4.13.0, is scheduled for mid-December.

Enjoy ITK!


ITK changes from v4.12.1 to v4.12.2:

Edwin Bennink (1):
      BUG: Fixed cylinder bbox, fixed and enhanced IsInside func

Floris Berendsen (1):
      COMP: add symbol name mangling for niftilib in ITK

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (2):
      COMP: Update MINC to set MACOSX_RPATH property based on CMAKE_MACOSX_RPATH
      COMP: Update KWsys to set MACOSX_RPATH property based on CMAKE_MACOSX_RPATH

Matthew McCormick (6):
      BUG: Correct GPUMeanImageFilter Superclass
      BUG: Remove debug code from GPUMeanImageFilter
      BUG: Do not use static_cast, SmartPointer in GPUImage::GetGPUDataManager
      BUG: Remove debug code in itkGPUImage.hxx
      COMP: Fix AnisotropicDiffusionLBR example build
      ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version to 4.12.2

Niels Dekker (1):
      COMP: Fixed <nifti1_io.h> leak into user code

ITK Software Guide changes:​

Jon Haitz Legarreta Gorroño (8):
      DOC: Add and reference Coding Style appendix.
      DOC: Fix typo in Registration chapter files headers.
      STYLE: Replace tabs with white spaces.
      DOC: Fix typos in the SW guide LaTeX files.
      ENH: Add the link to the SW Guide PDF compilation version.
      DOC: Add missing wrap types to Wrapping section.
      STYLE: Rework the folder structure and rename files.
      ENH: Remove \ifitkFullVersion artifact switch.

Matt McCormick (2):
      DOC: Add instructions on how to install the stable Python packages
      ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject version to 4.12.2


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