ITK 4.12 Release Candidate 2 is ready for testing!

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce that ITK 4.12 release candidate 2 has been tagged and is available for testing! Please take this opportunity to test the new features in the release candidate. For more information on the new features in this release, see our blog entry on the first release candidate.

To obtain the source code, use the links:

Or, to checkout the tag with Git:

git clone
cd ITK
git checkout -q --detach v4.12rc02

2D digital subtraction angiography (DSA) image of the cerebral circulation depicting two aneurysms. From “Generalizing vesselness with respect to dimensionality and shape”, Luca Antiga. The Insight Journal. These contributions have been moved into the ITKImageFeature module in the 4.12 release.


Please test the release candidate and share your experiences on the mailing list, issue tracker, and Gerrit Code Review.

An Experimental build, which demonstrates how the test suite performs on your local build system, can be submitted to the dashboard [1] with:


mkdir ../ITK-build
cd ../ITK-build
cmake ../ITK
ctest -j 4 -M Experimental  -T Configure -T Build -T Test -T Submit

Visual Studio builds must also add “-C Release” to the ctest command.

Notify the mailing list if there are any unexpected failures.  Testing your own applications against the RC is also appreciated.


Changes from v4.12rc01 to v4.12rc02

Christina Rossmanith (1):
  BUG: calculate levelSetValue for IsoContourFilter with float precision

David T. Chen (1):
  DOC: Fix Pysical Typo

Francois Budin (3):
  BUG: Remove doxygen warnings 'Found unknown command \epsilon'
  ENH: Remove warning messages in GCC 5.1 due to ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT
  BUG: GCC 5.1 warnings 'type attributes ignored after type is already defined'

Jon Haitz Legarreta Gorroño (1):
  DOC: Add use note to itkGridForwardWarpImageFilter.

Matthew McCormick (1):
  BUG: Update the Strain remote module to 2017-05-05

Vladimir S. FONOV (3):
  MINC 2017-04-28 (3d79acf3)
  MINC 2017-05-01 (4caf8f4c)
  MINC 2017-05-05 (cc682b52)

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