ITK 4.6.0 has been released!

July 30, 2014

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce that ITK 4.6.0 has been released!


Links to the tarballs can be found on the download page.


The 4.6 release is a major milestone that marks the hard work of many outstanding community members.

Among the major contributions in this release are improved Remote Module support with a number of exciting new Remote Modules.  The TransformToDisplacementField filter and a entire module of image noise generation classes were migrated into the default build. A number of new optimizers were added to the Registrationv4 framework, which also experienced a number of performance improvements. Performance improvements were a general theme as was improved code coverage. Python wrapping underwent a huge cleanup.

Our documentation continues to improve with better examples, Doxygen documentation, and guidance material.  The Software Guide was split in anticipation of the release of two new hard copy books.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Enjoy ITK!



New Documentation

Our documentation continues to improve.  Remote modules are now grouped in the Doxygen Module page. A number of new examples were added to the Sphinx repository and the Wiki, which can now also be built as Remote modules. The Software Guide was split into two books and ITK configure and build instructions were revised.


New Features


* CMake improvements

 – Improved Remote Module support

 – Add ITK_FORBID_DOWNLOADS for package maintainers


* Filtering Improvements

 – Moved TransformToDisplacementField out of Review

 – An entire noise image generation module


 – Better pipeline support for ResampleImageFilter

 – Move MagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter out of Review

 – Setters for LabelMap overlay filters

 – More consistent filter progress reporting

* ImageIO improvements

 – Register the GE image formats by default

 – More IO modules are built as shared libraries

 – OpenFileForReading/Writing methods in ImageIO

 – Support for system tiff 4.0.0-4.0.2 (e.g. some Ubuntu versions)

 – Mangling to internal OpenJPEG

 – SCIFIO improvements

* Infrastructure improvements

 – MetaDataObject print specialization for common types

 – Improvements to ResourceProbe and RealTimeClock

 – More Solve methods for VNLSparseLUSolverTraits

 – Output stream operator for LightObject exposed

 – FFTW bump to 3.3.3

* New Remote Modules

 – Skull stripper


 – Wiki examples

 – Sphinx examples

 – Variational registration


 – AnalyzeObjectMapIO


 – FDFImageIO

 – SplitComponents


* Registrationv4 improvements

 – v4 regular step gradient descent optimizer

 – v4 amoeba optimizer

 – v4 exhaustive optimizer

 – v4 Powell optimizer

 – v4 one-plus-one-evolutionary optimizer

 – v4 LBFGS optimizer improvements

 – Use registration method classes as pipeline filters

* Performance improvements

 – Registrationv4

 – Histogram computation

 – Improved SmartPointer copy

 – CompositeTransform

 – Registration Jacobian re-use

* Wrapping improvements

 – pygccxml 1.0.0

 – .pth symlink usable in a virtualenv

 – Cleaner CMake configuration

 – SWIG and PCRE updated to 3.0.2, 8.34

 – Latest GCCXML, which works with GCC 4.9

 – Sweeping wrapping generation cleanup


* Many style improvements — ITK gets more stylish with every release!

* Improved code coverage — some measures put us over 85%!

* *Lots* of important bug fixes


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