ITK 4.9 Release Candidate 3 is Ready for Testing!

December 22, 2015

On behalf of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit community, the third release candidate for ITK 4.9 is available! Please test changes introduced in the release candidate, which are detailed below. For key highlights of version 4.9, please read “ITK 4.9 Release Candidate 1 is ready for testing!

There were many fixes contributed for this release candidate. To allow testing and accommodate the upcoming holiday, the final release is re-scheduled for mid-January.

Known issues in this release candidate, to be fixed before the final release:

  • TransformReadWriteTest fails on Mac OSX with shared libraries.
  • Mac OSX 10.6 has build errors.

Changes from v4.9rc02 to v4.9rc03

Alexis Girault (1):

     BUG: Implement SetAutoMinimumMaximum in itkScalarImageToHistogramGenerator

Bill Lorensen (1):

     BUG: nifti_read_subregion_image was leaking file pointers

Brad King (7):

     ENH: Teach ITK module macros to support independent header-only modules

     ENH: Add script to import KWIML library source code

     ENH: Add `ITKKWIML` module to provide external KWIML library

     ENH: Port TIFF integer types from KWSys to KWIML

     ENH: Port LSM integer types from KWSys to KWIML

     ENH: Port itkIntTypes.h from KWSys to KWIML

     ENH: Drop KWSys FundamentalType component

Bradley Lowekamp (1):

     ENH: Add option to choose scheme for git download

Davis Vigneault (1):

     STYLE: Use cstdlib return macros in ITK examples

Dženan Zukić (3):

     BUG: do not pass 0,0,0 to Versor.Set()

     STYLE: Removing the unused NeighborhoodRadius property

     ENH: Write out transform in DeformableRegistration15

Gert Wollny (1):

     BUG: Remove double-conversion from public interface, use system.

Hyun Jae Kang (8):

     ENH: Create a test for the SpawnThread function ( ITK-3317)

     STYLE: Remove an unnecessary file (-w) from source code

     BUG: Fixed the failed case of itkStdStreamStateSaveTest on OS X 10.8

     BUG: Fixed the failed test case of itkThreadPoolTest on OS X 10.8

     BUG: Fixed a failed test of ITKDistanceMapTestDriver

     BUG: Fixed the failed test VideoSourceTest

     PERF: Improve the performance of a test of ITKRegistrationMethodsv4TestDriver

     COMP: Fixed the compiler error of itkDisplacementFieldToBSplineImageFilterTest

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (25):

     BUG: Build ITKIOTransformHDF5 as shared library. See #3393

     BUG: Build ITKIOTransformMINC as shared library. See #3393

     BUG: Build ITKIOTransformMatlab as shared library. See #3393

     BUG: Build ITKIOTransformInsightLegacy as shared library. See #3393

     STYLE: TransformIOFactory: Remove obsolete declaration. See #3393

     COMP: TransformIOFactory: Add missing ctor/dtor from hxx file. See #3393

     COMP: TransformFileWriter: Remove method “OpenStream()” without definition

     COMP: TransformFileReaderTemplate: Remove undefined method “CreateTransform()”

     ENH: Update ITKIOPhilipsREC to allow static initialization. See #3393

     ENH: Update ITKIOTransformMINC to allow static initialization. See #3393

     COMP: MINC: Fix VS2008 “unknown round” build error. See #3393

     COMP: MINC: Fix VS2008 “unknown arpa/inet.h” build error. See #3393

     COMP: Configure ENABLE_SHARED into <ModuleName>.cmake file. See #3393

     COMP: Fix configuration of IOFactory header. See #3393

     STYLE: UseITK: Removed redundant code setting ImageIO factory name. See #3393

     STYLE: UseITK: Re-factor introducing _configure_IOFactoryRegisterManager

     STYLE: UseITK: Set TransformIO factory and module name using convention.

     BUG: Ensure Image IO factories are registered once. See #3393

     BUG: Ensure Transform IO factories are registered once.

     COMP: ITKIOXML: Fix VS11 “already defined std::string” link error. See #3393

     BUG: TransformIO: Implement explicit template instantiation using “extern”.

     COMP: TransformIO: Fix VS build errors removing extra EXPORT

     COMP: TransformIO: Handle compiler not supporting “pragma diagnostic”.

     COMP: TransformIO: TransformFile(Reader|Writer) still need to be exported.

     COMP: TransformIO: Fix explicit instantiation approach

Johan Andruejol (1):

     ENH: Add ITK_RUNTIME_LIBRARY_DIRS for external projects

KWIML Upstream (1):

     KWIML 2015-12-09 (43f9f8d0)

Lucas Gandel (1):

     BUG: PhysicsBasedNonRigidRegistrationMethod test failure on Debian 32bit

Matthew McCormick (16):

     COMP: Fix PointDimension reference in AzimuthElevationToCartesian test.

     STYLE: Improve scoping in AzimuthElevationToCartesian test.

     STYLE: Explicitly mark the ProcessObject methods virtual in SignedMaurer.

     BUG: Do not try to install targets that do not exist when building externally.

     BUG: ITKIOMeta needs a public dependency on ITKMetaIO.

     COMP: Update LesionSizingToolkit for external build and style test failures.

     BUG: Add CMake OpenCV export code to ITKVideoBridgeOpenCV.

     COMP: Improve compatibility with OpenCV 3.

     DOC: Fix class references in StatisticsLabelMapFilter.

     STYLE: Improved readability of itkStatisticsUniqueLabelMapFilterTest1.

     DOC: Correct ReverseOrdering description in ShapeUniqueLabelMapFilter.

     STYLE: Add own copy of GenerateExportHeader

     COMP: Create _TEMPLATE_EXPORT macros.

     COMP: TransformIOBaseTemplate must be explicitly instantiated.

     BUG: Do not use dynamic_cast for DisplacementFieldType in HDF5 test.

     COMP: Do not use string(MAKE_C_IDENTIFIER with CMake < 2.8.12

Max Smolens (1):

     BUG: VoronoiSegmentationRGBImageFilter: add pixel dimension check

Mikhail Isakov (1):

     DOC: correction in DiffusionTensor3D Reconstruction

Ricardo Ortiz (1):

     BUG: Set itkBinaryImageTo*LabelMapFilter foreground/background values


Seun Odutola (1):

     BUG: absolute value of tolerance taken to cater for negative spacing

Shawn Waldon (1):

     COMP: OSX set deployment target when building fftw

Simon Alexander (4):

     STYLE: Change to make git bash on windows happy with the function name

     COMP: fixes for visual studio 2015update1 x86 in release mode

     COMP: fixes for visual studio 2015update1 x86 in release mode

     COMP: fixes for visual studio 2015update1 x86 in release mode

Sreekanth Arikatla (2):

     BUG: Resolved const correctness in itkMatrix.h

     ENH: Fixes the symmetry of AzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform and adds tests

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