ITK 5.0 Beta 1: Pythonic Interface

September 11, 2018

We are happy to announce the first beta release for ITK 5!

This release features an additional, more Pythonic interface to filters. This interface is more familiar in Python and facilitates rapid prototyping. ITK 5.0 Beta 1 also includes many performance-related improvements, such as a pure C++11 thread pool by default, an HDF5 update to 1.10, new frequency domain iterators, new neighborhood range classes, and a new multi-dimensional, multi-component superpixel class.

For an overview of ITK 5 performance-related changes and the transition to modern C++, see the ITK 5 Alpha 1: Modern C++ and ITK 5 Alpha 2: Performance release announcements.

To install the Python packages,

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade --pre itk

For more details, see the detailed release notes.

Enjoy ITK!

2 comments to ITK 5.0 Beta 1: Pythonic Interface

  1. When I package my python project with py2app, itk always goes wrong.
    wrong message:AttributeError: module ‘itk’ has no attribute ‘Image’
    but,my python project have itk and itk have attribute image,
    So I want to know if itk can be packaged with py2app.

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