ITK Community Members Contribute Fedora Package

May 23, 2013

Kitware is pleased to recognize the efforts of Insight Toolkit (ITK) community members Mario Ceresa and Peter Lemenkov, whose recent efforts resulted in a new Fedora package for ITK. When creating this package, the most complicated issue was ensuring that it complies with Fedora guidelines, which includes rules such as “no bundled libraries” and the inclusion of arch-dependent paths, etc.

As this applies to all required packages from the ground up, Mario and Peter looked through all the sources, carefully patched CMake files in order to make and install everything in accordance with the Fedora rules, decoupled libraries that were already available in the repositories, and included repositories that were missing bundled libraries.

The Insight development team and community commends Mario and Peter for undertaking this massive, time-intensive process to deliver a Fedora package for ITK!

For information on ITK and how you can get involved with the project, please vist the ITK resources page for links to the mailing list, webinar training, and binaries for download.

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