Juan Ramos

R&D Engineer

Software Solutions

Kitware Remote

B.S. in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation
DigiPen Institute of Technology

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Juan is an R&D Engineer working remotely on the Software Solutions Team. He’ll be focusing his time enhancing CMake.

Prior to working at Kitware, Juan worked at LunarG working on the Vulkan SDK as a graphics software engineer. There he focused his work on various Vulkan repositories. Engaging with both the open source community and closed source customers to bring value to the Vulkan ecosystem.

Before that, he worked at AMD on the DX12 user mode driver team. He helped address driver bugs, working on pre-silicon hardware, build systems, and driver tooling support. One of his proudest moments came when he was able to convert AMD’s proprietary build system to use CMake. Juan said this dramatically improved developer productivity and was a big win for the DX12 driver team when they soon needed to get Windows Subsystem for Android working soon after.