Kitware Awarded DOE Funding to Develop Climate Change Analysis Tool

September 8, 2011

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Kitware SBIR funding to develop an analysis tool with easy, simplified access to computer model outputs resulting from long-term climate change projections performed by the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

The application, ClimatePipes, will facilitate access to data for non-researchers, as opposed to a more technical audience. Kitware believes that effective analysis in climate science relies on having the appropriate cyberinfrastructure to enable people to discover, access, manipulate, and visualize large and complex datasets of interest. Facilitating widespread accessibility of this data can have a significant impact on commercial, educational, and government activities.

In Phase I of this project, Kitware will create a prototype application that demonstrates simple data access and manipulation, and basic analysis, visualization, and data provenance.

“ClimatePipes will provide access to data that can have a real impact on global climate changes. It will allow the public to better appreciate climate change and enable industries to use climate data in a variety of unforeseen applications,” said Berk Geveci, principle investigator on this project. “Our solution aims to be the platform for user-friendly data access, but not to replace high-end analysis tools for scientists. We are looking forward to a tool that is very simple, intuitive, and that can be used by non-researchers and non-programmers.”

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