Kitware awarded SBIR Phase II for ‘Co-Processing for Unsteady CFD Simulations’

September 12, 2008

Kitware was recently awarded a Phase II SBIR from the Department of Defense. The purpose of this project is to develop tools for co-processing unsteady CFD codes for the purpose of visualization and analysis.

As the compute capability of our computational resources grows, we are facing a discrepancy between our ability to produce results and store them for analysis. We are quickly outstripping the capability of IO resources to store results from time-dependent simulations and the capability of post-processing tools running on small- to medium-sized clusters to analyze such data. The main objective of this SBIR is to integrate core data processing with the simulation to enable scalable data analysis.

The Phase I effort focused on developing a prototype of a distributed co-processing system capable of processing, at run-time, results of large and distributed simulations. During Phase I, we developed a co-processing library prototype and successfully tested it with two CFD codes: Overflow from NASA and Phasta from RPI.  The specific goals of the Phase II are to develop: an extensible and flexible co-processing library; configuration tools for co-processing configuration; CFD specific analysis and visualization algorithms; and tools for visualizing, analyzing and managing extracts.  The estimated completion date for this Phase II contract is September 30, 2010.


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