⚡Web browser add-on to visualize file URLs

March 23, 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Chrome/Firefox/Edge extension to open a data file URL directly into online viewers such as VolView or Glance.

⚙️How it works ?

First you need to install the Kitware File Viewers extension from one of the following web stores:

Then whenever you right-click on a file URL in any web page, a “Kitware File Viewers” menu entry will let you choose what viewer you want to open the file with.

It also works if you select a file URL displayed as text in a web page.

👀Supported viewers

🖥️3D Slicer on Desktop

There is an option to open the data directly with 3D Slicer. You first need to copy the LoadRemoteFile module into the qt-scripted-modules folder of 3D Slicer. While this will then work automatically on Windows, there are more set up requested on Linux and MacOS.

🗃️Serve local files

The extension works also if you serve files located on your hard drive. Watch out with the CORS though. Here is a one liner to serve your local files with NodeJS:

  • npm install -g http-server
  • cd my-folder-to-serve
  • http-server -p 8000 –cors

Then you can open http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

🛝Give it a try !

If you are looking for a dataset to try, checkout the medical gallery on Girder. Make sure you right-click file URLs and not page URLs.

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