New in ParaView: Rotating about a coordinate axis

August 1, 2015

As we get ever closer to the next release of ParaView, I realized that I had not written one of these "New in ParaView" posts in a while. So here it is: based on a uservoice request, ParaView (version v4.3.1-916-gae6ff98 or greater) now supports interactively rotating in a 3D Render View while limiting the rotation to one of the 3 coordinate axes. When rotating (typically using the left-button on your mouse), simply press the X, Y or Z keys to restrict the rotation to about the corresonding axis. The following video demonstrates just that.


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    1. If you don’t keep the “x”, “y” or “z” keys pressed when interacting, you should switch back to the default mode.

      1. Thank you Utkarsh,

        your commands are working, but it seems it happens the command stay locked even if your release the button pressure. For now I don’t now why this is sometime happening.

        1. Unclear to me too. I can’t reproduce it on my Linux machine, no matter if I release the keys in between the interaction or after. Seems to toggle in and out of the interaction mode quite well. What OS is this on? And what version of ParaView. Feel free to report an issue on the issue tracker with details on the OS etc, and steps to reproduce and we can track it down if it remains an issue.

  1. In the 3D render view, is there a way for the user to access/edit the viewing parameters such as the rotating angles about axes x,y,z, zoom factor, and field of view? This function is very important if the user want to duplicate the same screenshot exactly after exiting the ParaView as long as he wrote down the viewing parameters. Or the user may want to display two different VTU files with exactly the same viewing parameters.

    1. You can use the “Adjust Camera” button on the view frame’s header to explicitly control the camera. You can also use Python scripting capabilities to save/restore camera parameters.

  2. I am using Paraview 5.7.0 on a MacBook, and this does not work… Is there a way to make this work in a different way?

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