New Paraview Python Editor Features

Kitware has just added new features to the Paraview Python editor. Our aim was to provide a better user experience when it comes to editing Python files within Paraview. First of all, the editor is now accessible directly in the main window through Tools > Python Script Editor.

Each opened script is now automatically saved in the background whenever an edit is made. In the event of Paraview crashing, unsaved editions can now be recovered if you reopen the previous lost script.

We added a multiple tab feature to the editor: you can now open and edit multiple scripts in a browser like fashion. Coloration has been added to the tab names: you can now distinguish between saved and unsaved work for all opened tabs. The tab names show which scripts are currently opened and also contain an indication on the type of script you are editing.

Talking about types of scripts, we added a new kind: the `Script` type on top of the existing `Macro` type which refers to the Paraview macro paradigm. This new type is meant to represent any Python scripts that are saved under the `Scripts` directory of the default Paraview directory. The editor now contains a new `Scripts` menu, which gives you fast access to this type of files.

A new handy feature we also added is the possibility to load an existing script into the current opened tab. This lets you import and export scripts seamlessly between your different buffers. You can for example save a generic script under the `Script` folder, and then load it into other scripts as you need!

One of the major new features we’ve added is the integration of the programmable filters and sources within the Python Editor. Clicking on the popup button above the text area now opens the script within the editor, instead of opening it in a bare window. This means that you can use all the new features provided by the editor for the programmable filters and sources such as saving, loading and editing. Note that editions are synchronized between the editor and the main window: if you type in one text area, the other is automatically updated accordingly!


This work was supported by CEA

Developments were done by Kitware Europe, France 

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