Accelerate Scientific Visualizations with NVIDIA Omniverse ParaView Connector, Now Available

June 28, 2021

NVIDIA Omniverse, the platform for real-time collaboration and simulation, now includes a Connector to ParaView, the premiere scientific visualization and analysis application developed by Kitware, enabling researchers to enhance scientific visualizations and increase productivity.

Omniverse enables users to share 3D simulation data in Universal Scene Description (USD) format from their visualization applications. Teams around the world can use Omniverse to view, interact with and update the same dataset with a live connection, making collaboration truly interactive.

With the Omniverse ParaView Connector, researchers can load data in ParaView and share visualization results for collaborative viewing in Omniverse Nucleus, enabling deeper insights into their simulations, boosting productivity, and speeding up their discoveries. Users can send and receive USD data to and from Omniverse Nucleus via Omniverse Connectors – plugins to leading industry applications, which now include ParaView Connector. Within Omniverse Kit, researchers can take advantage of:

  • Photorealistic visuals – Researchers can better visualize and understand results from their simulations by using advanced technologies such as real-time ray tracing, photorealistic materials, depth of field, and advanced lighting and shading through components like Omniverse RTX Renderer.
  • High-end visualization tools – Omniverse users can open and interact with USD files through a variety of popular applications and frameworks like SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya, and soon NVIDIA IndeX.
  • Interactivity at scale – Users can intuitively interact with entire datasets in their original resolution at high frame rates for better and faster discoveries.

Large datasets no longer need to be downloaded or exchanged — researchers on different systems can visualize, analyze and modify the same data simultaneously. Colleagues can get instantaneous feedback as Omniverse users can work in the same virtual space, no matter where they are in the world.

And with high-end rendering tools on the Omniverse platform, researchers can interact in real-time to transform their work into cinematic visuals that are easy for wide audiences to understand.

Additional features of the Omniverse ParaView Connector include:

  • Supports client-server ParaView setups
  • Works with headless (EGL) ParaView servers
  • Works with multi-node (MPI) ParaView servers
  • Works in Python environments like PVpython
  • Can convert to USD for local output
  • Supports multiple connections/outputs at once, possibly to different servers
  • Structured volume representations converted to OpenVDB

The Omniverse ParaView Connector is available now. Download and get started with Omniverse Open Beta today and see how the collaboration and simulation platform can enhance your scientific visualization workflows.

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