ParaView 5.1.2 is now available for download. It is a patch release that fixes a few critical issues noticed in ParaView 5.1.0.

This release include the following major fixes:

Rendering translucent geometries: The depth peeling code was revamped for 5.1.0 which introduced two issues: first, it didn’t work as expected in client-server configurations when rendering remotely; second, it had issues with multiple windows/views were present. Both these issues are now fixed. A new environment variable, VTK_USE_LEGACY_DEPTH_PEELING  is also added to force using the older version of the depth peeling code.

Exodus reader: A bug in Exodus reader was causing the reader to improperly read files with no timesteps. That should now be fixed.

Minimum CMake version: The minimum CMake version needed to compile ParaView has now been reduced to 3.3.

A few other minor fixes/improvements include:

  • Fixed the “?” button to show filter documentation.
  • Add option to Ghost Cells Generator filter to specify the number of ghost levels to generate.
  • Cinema SpecB was not revolving the camera around the data centroid, as expected. Fixed that.
  • Added a Catalyst example for the new zero-copy array class.
  • Fixed Examples/Catalyst/PythonFullExample when running with pvpython.

For build details on the binaries distributed, refer to the ParaView Wiki.

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