ParaView 5.11.2 Release Notes

October 5, 2023

ParaView 5.11.2 is a patch release. Bug fixes made since ParaView 5.11.1 are listed in this document.

User interface

  • pqFileDialog: Remove existence check when selecting multiple files (details)
  • Avoid crash in Find Data panel if nothing is selected (details)


  • ArrayListDomain: Fix a potential segfault with empty array name (details)
  • RangeDomain: fix interval condition (details)
  • Add sanity checks around several GridAxesRepresentation usage


  • Support jpeg extension for textures. (details)
  • vtkHyperTreeGridAxisClip: Fix InsideOut (details)


  • openPMD: The openPMD python module was updated to fix bugs. (details)
  • Incorrect fetching of rectilinear grid object (details)


  • Fixing Catalyst2 example to have proper Conduit spacing names (details)


  • pythonalgorithm: Fix for smproperty.proxy (details)
  • Fix –displays gets passed to pvbatch (details)


  • Volume rendering of tetrahedral meshes is now fixed on some Macs (details)

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