ParaView 5.5.1 Release Notes

June 5, 2018

ParaView 5.5.1 is now available for download. This is a patch release that addresses several bugs:

  • The Exodus library in VTK has been upgraded to version 7.13. This version of the library contains a fix for a major issue encountered when loading side set geometry.

  • A bug in the Ghost Cell Generator that could lead to a segmentation fault has been fixed.

  • Minor fixes to the camera model for the Cinema import and exporter have been added.

  • Filters that are not equipped to handle vtkHyperTreeGrid data sets return an error rather than crash.

  • The vtkXMLStructuredDataWriter has been fixed to produce valid files when appending time-varying data.

  • The SDK packaging for Linux has been fixed.

The list of issues addressed by this release are available here, and merge requests included in this release are here.

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